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Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Breakfast & Bakery
Assorted Bread and Toasts
French Toasts
Served with Maple Syrup
Natural Yoghurt
Fruit Yoghurt
Berry Yoghurt
Muesli & Fruits
Bircher Muesli
Chocolate Muesli
Cold cuts
Meat Cold Cuts
Morning Cheese Platter
Blinis & Pancakes
Served with Maple Syrup or Sour Cream
Served with Honey or Maple Syrup
Hot Breakfast
Oatmeal Porridge
Fried Eggs
Served with Mushrooms and Grilled Tomato
Poached Eggs
Served with Mushrooms and Grilled Tomato
Boiled Eggs
Served with Mushrooms and Grilled Tomato
Scrambled Eggs
Served with Mushrooms and Grilled Tomato
Eggs Benedict
Served with Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce
Plain Omelette
Mushroom Omelette
Cheese Omelette
Ham Omelette
Shrimp Omelette
Beef Sausages
Chicken Sausages
Pork Sausages
Grilled Tomatoes
Fried Potatoes
Baked Beans
Cold Breakfast Sets
Hot Breakfast Sets
Crew Breakfast
Garnish & Condiments
Cold Meals
Assorted Canapes
Finger Foods
Club Sandwich with Chicken and Bacon
Sandwich with Smoked Salmon and Remoulade
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Kamchatka Crab Sandwich
Beef Tongue
with Horseradish Veloute and Pickles
Beef Carpaccio
Sakhalin Treasure
Duo of Olivier Salad with Octopus and Smoked Trout Napoleon
Baltic Sea Herring
with Boiled Potatoes, Beetroot Parfait and Spring Onion Dressing
Smoked Salmon with Fresh Leaves
Oysters in Beef Carpaccio, 3 pieces
Oysters in Beef Carpaccio, 6 pieces
Traditional Russian Fish and Seafood Variety
King Crab Salad in Cucumber Fillet, Egg and Mushroom Salad in Smoked Salmon, Salad Mimosa with Smoked Trout, Seafood Aspic
Caspian Sturgeon Julienne with Oscietra Caviar
Sour Cream Sauce, Fresh Dill and Young Potato
Caspian Sturgeon Julienne
Sour Cream Sauce, Fresh Dill and Young Potato
Smoked Salmon and Kamchatka Crab
with Lemon Confit, Salmon Caviar Parcel, Chard Yogurt Sauce
Marinated Scallops and Cucumber Salad
with Sunflower Oil, Tomato Sorbet and Avocado Carpaccio)
Farm Quail Pate and Foie Gras
Nut Brioche, Pine Nuts, Grape Mousselini
Foie Gras Chocolate Velvet
Roasted Hazelnut Crunch, Pineapple Confit and Puree
Avocado and Sour Cream Parfait with Oscietra Caviar
Egg in Egg
3 Egg Shells Filled with Truffle Flavored Scrambled Eggs, Beluga, Oscietra and Salmon Caviar
Chilled Cold Gazpacho with Iranian Albino Oscietra Caviar, 10 gr
Salad Stolichnyi with Chicken
Greek Salad
Olivier Salad with Kamchatka Crab
Vegetable Salad
Insalate Caprese
Classic Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad with Shrimps
Caesar Salad with Chicken
Kamchatka Crab Salad
White Chocolate Cauliflower Ganache, Mango, Oscietra Caviar
Traditional Russian Assorted Appetizers
Homemade Smoked Salmon, Baltic Sea Herring with Potatoes, Pickles, Lard with Rye Bread
Traditional Russian Assorted Appetizers
Kamchatka Crab in Cucumber Fillet, Baltic Sea Herring with Potatoes, Smoked Vension and Marinated Mushrooms
Assorted Cold Fish
Pasteurized Beluga Caviar, 10 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Astrakhan Oscietra Caviar, 10 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Beluga Caviar, 30 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Astrakhan Oscietra Caviar, 30 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Siberian Oscietra Caviar, 30 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Sevruga Caviar, 30 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Sterlet Caviar, 30 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Armenian Oscietra Caviar, 30 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Iranian Albino Oscietra Caviar, 10 gr
Served with Blinis, Egg and Sour Cream
Children Meals
Assorted Fruits and Berries
on request
Fruit Platter
on request
Olivier Salad
Grated Carrot and Apple Salad
Vegetable Salad
Ham and Cheese Rolls
Ham and Cheese Toast
Extra Garnish & Sauces
Cold Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Hot Meals
Customized Menu
Hot Meals
Single Items
Snacks & Starters
Hot Smoked Sturgeon with Oscietra Caviar
Potato Mustard Sorbet, Organic Micro Salad
Hot Smoked Sturgeon
Potato Mustard Sorbet, Organic Micro Salad
Sakhalin Sea Scallops
Fennel Confit, Orange Grapefruit Sauce
Duck Roulettes Moscow Style
Country Rabbit Blinis
with Drunk-Cherry Sauce
Country Style Pancakes with Beef and Cabbage
Signature Pelmeni with Meat in Broth
Russian Pie with Cabbage
Russian Pie with Mushrooms
Russian Pie with Meat
Pizza Margarita
Pizza Four Seasons
Vegetarian Pizza Mediterranean Style
Forest Mushrooms Pizza
Pizza Salami Milano
Hawaiian Pizza
Finger foods
Borsch Moscow Style, per portion
Chicken Broth with Chicken and Vegetables, per portion
Minestrone Soup, per portion
Tomato Cream Soup with Pesto and Croutons, per portion
Classic Mushroom Soup , per portion
Cabbage Duck Soup Suvorov Style, per portion
Served with Russian Pie
Fish Soup, per portion
with Seabass, Flavored with Lemongrass
Rassolnik with Game Meat, per portion
Main dishes - Meat
Baked Rabbit Leg
Filled with Ham, Stewed Lentils, White Wine Sauce
Beef-Stroganoff in Sour Cream
with Mashed Potatoes
Prime Beef Stroganoff in Rich Creamy Sauce
with Mashed Potatoes and Pickles
Prime Beef with Potatoes
Slow-cooked Tenderloin, Truffled Quinoa Cornet, Tomato Confit, Zucchini Savarin
Composition of Tender Prime Beef and Dry Ceps Pelmeni
with Truffle Parsnip, Spring Vegetables and Cassandra Sauce
Beef Ribeye Steak, 200 gr
High Quality Beef Tenderloin, 200 gr
Fillet of Veal Tenderloin
Port Wine Sauce, Caramelized Shallots
Milk-fed Veal Fillet
Panache of baby vegetables bean medley, Coriander Jus
Rack of Lamb
with Celery Puree, Mini Vegetables and Port Wine Sauce
Lamb Chops
Grilled Vegetables, Rosemary, Black Olives
Main dishes - Fish & Seafood
Marble Perch Fillet
with Artichokes, Carrots and Saffron Sauce
Dover Sole
with Pickled Vegetables and Orange Butter Sauce with a hint of Fennel
Chilean Seabass
Red Caviar, Modern Bouillabaisse Coulis, White Kale Mousseline
Old Russian Style Boneless Rainbow Trout
with Baby Vegetables and Cream Sauce
Steamed Kamchatka Crab Romanov Style
Champagne Sauce, Salmon Caviar)
Slow Cooked Atlantic Cod Fillet and Crayfish Tails
Served with Cauliflower Puree, baby Green Asparagus Quinoa Patty and Crayfish Shells Cappuccino
Steamed Sterlet
Steamed Black Cod
Celeriac Puree, Spinach Emulsion
Ladoga Lake Pike Perch
with Caviar Sauce
Steamed Salmon
with Spinach, Champagne and Dill Sauce and a Red Caviar Toast
Salmon Fillet
with Smoked Potato Espume and Green Peas
Grilled Tiger Prawns
with Marinated Vegetables, Aioli and spicy tomato Sauces
Fish Kulebyaka
Pie Stuffed with Salmon and Pike Perch
Seafood Pelmeni
Siberian Salmon, Fragrant Herb Dumplings, Red Caviar
John Dory
Homemade Squid Ink Ravioli with Prawn and Ginger
Main Dishes - Poultry
Chicken Kiev
with Mashed Potatoes and Cranberry Jam
Chicken Cutlet Pozharskyi style
Pan-Fried Minced Chicken in Bread Croutons, Potato, Mushroom Puree and Capers Sauce
Guinea Fowl Marechal Stuffed with Forest Morels
with Perfumed Potato and Parsley Puree and Young Leek
Duck Supreme
Marinated Pear, Galangal Chutney, Fig Jus
Main dishes - Vegetarian
Pasta & Risotto
Pasta Arrabbiata
Pasta with Pesto
Pasta Bolognese
Pasta Carbonara
Spaghetti with Crab Meat, Cream Sauce and Oregano
Ravioli with Spinach, Pine Nuts and Fresh Ricotta
Side dishes
Mashed Potatoes
French Fries
Steamed Rice
Potatoes Village Style
Grilled Vegetables
Vegetable Salad
Children Meals
Fish Fingers
Steamed or Grilled Salmon with Vegetables in Cream Sauce
Chicken Breast with Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes
Warm Sausages and Potatoes Salad
Mini Pizza
Spaghetti Bolognese
French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Rice
Sauces & More
Hot Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Desserts & Fruit
Apple Pie
Panna Cotta
Russian Winter Cranberry Meringue
Anna Pavlova
Pistachio Creme Brulee
Orange Marmelade, Sesame Seed Crisp, Chocolate Orange Mousse
Bombe Glacee
Kummel-flavoured Parfait, Diced Candied Fruit, Fresh Strawberry
Chocolate Sphere
Tender Chocolate Texture, Mango Jelly, Hot Chocolate Sauce
Light Coffee Mousse, Crispy Praline, Cinnamon Ice Cream
Cakes & Tarts
Russian Classic Honey Cake Medovik
Orange Caramel and Chocolate Rhapsody, Raspberry and Chocolate Sponge
Chocolates & Sweets
Petit Fours
Assorted Petit Fours, 5 pieces
Sweet pastry
Ice Cream
Dessert Sauces & garnishes
Childrens Desserts
Cheese Platter
Served with Fruit Chutney, Roasted Nuts, Grapes and a Basket of Freshly Baked Bread
Cottage Cheese
Mineral Water
Soft Drinks
Milk & Cream
Fresh fruit mix & detox drinks
White Wine
Hot Beverages
Rosé Wine
Red Wine
Dessert Wine
Port Wine
Dish Washing & Laundry
Menu Card Printing
Newspapers & Magazines
Aircraft Cleaning
Shopping Service
Printed Menu
Pottery & cutlery
Kitchen Equipment
Freezer - Refrigerator Service
Caterer's Special