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Geneva, Switzerland
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Breakfast & Bakery
Mini Croissant
Pains au Chocolat
Danish Pastriy
Kouign Amman, the Famous Pastry from French Brittany, 5 fingers per portion
Mini Croissants, Pains au Chocolats and Danish Pastries
Muffin selection by our Pastry Chef, per piece
Butter Floralp
Butter D'Isigny
Jam Bonne Maman
Sugar sachet
Homemade Yoghurt, Natural
Homemade Yoghurt, Seasonal Fruit Flavored
Muesli & Fruits
Fruit salad
Sliced Fruit Platter, 120gr
The Swiss Bircher Muesli served plain
The Swiss Bircher Muesli with Red Berries
The Swiss Made Granola, Gluten Free, served to your liking
Cold cuts
Local Cold Cuts Assortment
Selection of Alp Cheeses and Local Cold Cuts, 110gr
Blinis & Pancakes
Crepes flavored to your liking, per piece
Waffles flavored to your liking, per piece
Plain Pancakes, served with Maple Syrup, 3 pieces per portion
Banana Pancakes, served with Maple Syrup, 3 pieces per portion
Hot Breakfast
Scrambled eggs
Bacon, 3 pieces
Cherry tomatoes, 1 portion
Eggs a la Florentine, served with sauteed Spinach
Eggs Benedict, served on Toast with Turkey Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce
English Muffin served on a Toast with Turkey Bacon, Egg, Tomato and Coriander
Mushrooms, per portion
Omelette with cheese
Omelette with ham
Omelette with mushroom
Sausages, 3 pieces
Cold Breakfast Sets
Hot Breakfast Sets
Swiss Excellence Box
Banana Pancakes and Canadian Maple Syrup, Fresh Fruit Salad, 2dl Fresh orange juice
Crew Breakfast
Garnish & Condiments
Cold Meals
Potato crisps
Assorted Canapes Full Tray, 4 pax, 25 pieces
Assorted Canapes Half tray, 2 pax, 15 pieces
Black Truffle Pearls and Sour Cream, per piece
Caviar on a Delice Toast, per piece
Crab, Orange, Sesame and Ginger, per piece
Cured Beef from the Grisons on Toast with Creme Fraiche, per piece
Duck Magret with candied Red Onion, per piece
Foie Gras Mousse Tartlet with Exotic Fruit Chutney, per piece
Scottish Salmon fillet on a Blini, Daikon Cress and Timut Pepper, per piece
Smoked Beluga Fish, Lemon Caviar and Daikon Cress, per piece
Tete de Moine Swiss Cheese, Fruit Chutney, per piece
Vegetable Tartlet and roasted Sesame Oil, per piece
Finger Foods
Classic assorted Open Sandwich, per piece
Classic assorted Rectangle Sandwich, per piece
Classic assorted Triangle Sandwich, per piece
Classic assorted Wrapped Sandwich
Classic Club Sandwich
Bagel Sandwich with Roast Beef, herbed Mayonnaise, Pickles and Daikon Cress
Chicken Sandwich with a l'ancienne Mustard, Beetroot Sprouts
Cured Beef from Grisons (Switzerland) sandwich
with Rocket Salad, Cherry Tomatoes and Taggisache Olives in Cereal Bread
Duck Club Sandwich with Guinea Fowl and Crusty Smoked Duck Magret
Finger and Triangle Sandwiches, filling to your liking
Foccacia Bread with Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Taggiasche Olives
Open sandwich with Guinea Fowl, Grapes, Celery and Granny Smith Apple
Shrimps in Polar Bread, with Mango, Lime, Curry and Coriander.
Smoked Salmon in Polar Bread, Avocado, Lime and Baby Spinach
Smoked Swordfish with Sour Cream and
Tartine Composed with grilled Vegetables, Avocado and Radish
Tuna Sandwich with Dijon Mustard, Onion and Baby Lettuce
Wrap with Crab, Hyashi Salad and roasted Sesame
Wrap with grilled Vegetables, Italian Pesto and candied Tomatoes
Baked Guinea Fowl
served with Roman Salad with Smoked Duck Magret, Cereal Bread Croutons, Chorizo and Truffle Vinaigrette
Bunch of Freshness composed with cooked and raw Crudites in a Tartlet
seasoned with Virgin Oil and Sour Cream Dip
Fillet of lightly Smoked Scottish Salmon, Caviar Duo, Lemon Zest and fresh herbs
Foie Gras Ballotine and Apple condiments
Gluten free Menu
Foie Gras Served with an Exotic Fruit Chutney, Cereal Bread Croutons, toast
Guinea Fowl cooked with The Original Japanese Gomasio, served cold
Halibut Tartar served with Lime and Granny Smith Apple
King Crab, Avocado, roasted Tomatoes and Lime
Gluten free Menu
Mixed Color Tomatoes and A.O.P Mozzarella di Buffala, Pesto Dressing
Slow Braised Lamb Shank and Coriander, served with Hummus and marinated Beetroot
Smoked Salmon Aumoniere with Shrimps and Crab on Mixed Salad Leaves
Tapenade made with Roasted Peppers, boneless Sardines and Cereal Bread Croutons
Low Temperature cooked Veal
served like a Tartar with a l'ancienne Mustard and Parmesan Cheese
Caprese Salad with AOP Mozzarella Di Buffala
Gluten free Menu
Coral Yellow Lentils, Granny Smith Apple, Spring Onions and Ginger
Grisons Style Salad with crispy Cured Beef and poached Egg on a bed of Mixed Salad Leaves
Lobster off the Shell, Watermelon, Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce Salad
Mixed roasted Tomatoes, Thyme Flower and Chorizo Crisps
Nicoise Salad
with grilled Tuna, Taggiasche Olives, Potatoes and candied Tomatoes, poached Egg and Lettuce
Our Chef's Caesar Salad
made with Guinea Fowl, Cereal Bread Croutons, Cos Salad, candied Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese and dressing
Perigourdine Salad (from South West France),
Gluten free Menu - with Rocket Salad, Foie Gras, Duck Confit, Smoked Duck Magret, Balsamic Vinaigrette
Perigourdine Salad (from South West France)
with Rocket Salad, Foie Gras, Duck Confit, Smoked Duck Magret, white truffle and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Swiss Potato Salad, made with Grenaille Potatoes, Creme Fraiche, Spring Onions and Chives
The amazing boneless Sardine Salad, roasted Peppers, Lettuce and Croutons
The classic Greek Salad
The Executive Garden Salad, bed of Creme Fraiche, steamed and raw Vegetables, Green Oil
Gluten free Menu
The healthy Taboule made with Quinoa, Mango, Tomato, Orange and Mint
Gluten free Menu
Young baby Leaf Salad and Crunchy Mini Vegetables
Assorted Canapes Full Tray, 4 pax, 25 pieces
Assorted Canapes Half tray, 2 pax, 15 pieces
Antipasti Full Tray, 4 pax
Antipasti Half tray, 2 pax
Assorted Italian Antipasti
Assorted crudites Full Tray, 4 pax
Assorted crudites Half tray, 2 pax
Assorted cold meat Full Tray, 4 pax
Assorted cold meat Half tray, 2 pax
Assorted cold meat & cheese Full Tray, 4 pax
Assorted cold meat & cheese Half tray, 2 pax
Assorted seafood Full Tray, 4 pax
Assorted seafood Half tray, 2 pax
Assorted smoked fish Full Tray, 4 pax
Assorted smoked fish Half tray, 2 pax
Assortment of cheese Full Tray, 4 pax
Cold Cuts Assortment
Gluten free Menu
Sea Food Platter Shrimps, Scallops, Lobster, Octopus, Salmon
Smoked Fish Assortment
Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Halibut and Beluga
Arabic cold Mezze
on request
Hummus, 200gr
Fattoush, salad 200gr
Moutabal, 200gr
Children Meals
Extra Garnish & Sauces
Balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, 20gr
Basilica dressing, 20gr
Basilica pesto, 20gr
Blue cheese, 20gr
Caesar dressing, 20gr
Cocktail, 20gr
Herbs and sour cream, 20gr
Horseradish, 20gr
Italian vinaigrette, 20gr
Mild curry, 20gr
Tartare, 20gr
Tzatziki, 20gr
Wholegrain mustard vinaigrette, 20gr
Cold Meal Sets
Pearls Garden Excellence Box
Mozzarella A.O.P, grilled Vegetables, roasted Tomatoes and Taggiasche Olives ,Executive Garden Salad served with Dips , Pineapple and Passion Fruit Cream with Mascarpone, Chocolate and Coconut Crumble
Salmon Excellence Box
Lightly Heart of Smoked Scottish Salmon, Bruschetta Style, Water Cress, Creme Fraiche and Lemon Caviar, Mille Feuilles Kouing Amann Pastry With Tahitian Vanilla Cream, Taboule, Quinoa Salad with Citrus Fruit and Mango
Tea Time Excellence Box
Assorted Mini Sandwiches, Crepes Suzette, Exotic Fruit
Duck Excellence Box
Foie Gras Bruschetta Style, Smoked Duck Magret and White Truffle Dressing, Green Asparagus and Rocket Salad, Paris Brest Style, Choux Pastry filled with a Praline Mousse
Crew Meals
Hot Meals
Customized Menu
Hot Meals
Single Items
Snacks & Starters
Assorted Mini Pizzas, per piece
Assorted Mini Quiches
Beef Hamburger with Sweet Potato Chips
Breaded Chicken Burger
Breaded Crab Burger
Chicken Vol au Vent, per piece
Mushroom Vol au Vent, per piece
Chicken and Mushroom Vol au Vent, per piece
Chicken Curry Samosa, per piece
Chicken Nuggets, 9 pieces
Cod Fish Fingers
Cod Fish Fingers with Tartar Sauce, 6 pieces
Crusted Lamb and herbed Mayonnaise
Crusty Veal Ravioli
Fish and Chips for Kids
French Fries, per portion 100grs
Hot Sandwich- Baguette Appenzeller Swiss Cheese, Cured Beef Meat from Grisons (Switzerland)
Hot Sandwich- Bruschetta with grilled Vegetables, candied Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil
Hot Sandwich- Chicken Shawarma by our Chef
Hot Sandwich- Chorizo and Mozzarella Panini
Hot Sandwich- Tacos Al Pastor, with Sliced Veal, Vegetables and Creme Fraiche
Hot Sandwich- The Executive Croque Monsieur
Mini Cheese Burgers
Mozzarella Sticks, 6 pieces
Mozzarella Sticks, 6 pieces
Pizza like Quesadillas
White Pizza with Black Truffle and Rocket Salad
Finger foods
Carrot and Coriander soup, 1 litre
Cauliflower and White Truffle Oil soup, 1 litre
Chicken and Vegetable Cream soup, 1 litre
Chicken Thom Kha Soup soup, 1 litre
Minestrone soup, 1 litre
Mushroom soup, 1 litre
Potato Soup with Smoked Duck Magret soup, 1 litre
Roasted Vegetables soup, 1 litre
Tomato and Basil soup, 1 litre
Zucchini Cream soup, 1 litre
Main dishes - Meat
7 Hours Cooked Lamb Shank in its Juice
served with Vegetables and its cooking Juice
Angus Chateaubriand Beef Fillet 200grs
cooked to your liking, roasted New Potatoes and Bearnaise Sauce
Beef Stroganoff served with Pilaf Rice and steamed Mini Vegetables
Boneless Veal Chop, Morel sauce with pan fried Vegetables and Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta
Breaded Veal Picatta Cutlet with Parmesan, served with Baby Vegetables
Green Risotto with chlorophyll Herbs and Crispy Chorizo
Grilled Beef Fillet, Bearnaise Sauce and sauteed Potatoes
Grilled Beef Fillet, sauteed Potatoes and Vegetables
Gluten free Menu
Grilled Lamb Chops with Rosemary and Thyme
served with sauteed Potatoes and Pan Fried Vegetables, Rosemary Sauce
Indian Lamb Biryani
Osso Bucco with Vegetables, candied Tomatoes, Orange Zest and Basil
Risotto with cherry Tomatoes, Taggiasche Olives
Roasted Spatchcock, served with the cooking Juice, Sesame Oil flavored Crispy Rice
Gluten free Menu
Seven Hours braised Lamb Shank, Gravy and Mini steamed Vegetables
Swiss Style Risotto with Gruyere Cheese and Cured Beef from Grisons (Switzerland)
Gluten free Menu
Tender Lamb Fillet cooked on a very low Temperature, fresh Herbs and Vegetables a la Barigoule
The Black Angus Burger
Executive recipe, made with white and Black Truffle, crispy Smoked Duck and Virgin Sauce
Tortellini Swiss Style, Cured Beef from Grisons (Switzerland), Creme Fraiche Risottos
Veal Zurich Style, Swiss Roesti
Vegetable Tajine with Mixed Nuts
Angus Beef Burger
Main dishes - Fish & Seafood
Asian Fried Rice with Shrimps, Mushrooms, Zucchini and Ginger
Asian Ramen with pan fried Monkfish, Thom Kha Broth
Baked Cod Fish, Beurre Blanc Sauce with roasted Potatoes and sauteed Fresh Chanterelles Pastas
Fera Fish from the Geneva Lake, Beurre Blanc Sauce, Basmati Rice
Indian Shrimp Madras medium hot Curry with diced Tomato and Coriander
Indian Shrimps Biryani
Lobster Tail, Lemongrass broth, Baby Vegetables
Lobster Thermidor off the shell, Pilaf Rice
Monkfish Medallion and Crayfish from the Lake Geneva cooked as a Cassolette, Pilaf Rice
Gluten free Menu
Mushroom Risotto with Morels, Shallots and Chives
Gluten free Menu
Omble Chevalier (White river Fish), served hot and cold with a Tartar Sauce and Pilaf Rice
Amble Chevalier (White river Fish), with roasted Hazelnuts and Fleur de Sel, sauteed Sweet Potatoes
Orecchiette with garlicky Seafood and Herbs
Pan fried Scallops with Grilled mashed Potatoes, Thom Kha Broth
Perch Fillet from the Geneva Lake
Meuniere Style with steamed Potatoes and chopped Parsley
Roasted Monkfish Medallion
with Ginger and Garlic, Pan Fried Potatoes and Pilaf Rice
Salmon a la Grenobloise
cooked with Onions, Capers and Lime, served on braised Mini Fennels
Sauteed Tiger Prawns
served on a cold crushed Avocado Tartar, roasted Tomatoes
Scallops topped with a Hazelnut Crust
with Crispy Smoked Duck Magret and sauteed Fennel
Steamed Cod Fish, Beurre Blanc Sauce, Chanterelles and Potatoes
Gluten free Menu
Main Dishes - Poultry
Asian fried Rice with Smoked Duck Breast, Onions, Peas and Carrots
Asian Ramen with Guinea Fowl, fried Shitake, Spring Onions and Duck Breast powder
Asian Thai Green Chicken Curry, Ginger, Lemon Grass and Coconut Milk
Chicken Ballotine with assorted Mushrooms, pan fried Vegetables
Grilled Guinea Fowl Supreme
served with a Black Truffle Sauce, sauteed Potatoes and Vegetables Down to the Sea, Up to the Sky
Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast, served with Mushroom Sauce
Guinea Fowl Ballotine
with Cured Meat from Grisons and Gruyere Cheese, served with Homemade Pasta
Indian Chicken Biryani
Indian Chicken Madras medium hot Curry with diced Tomato and Coriander
Indian Chicken Tandoori
Slowly cooked Duck Leg, Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Vegetables
Main dishes - Vegetarian
Asay Ramen with Pak Choi, Tofu, Enoki Mushrooms and roasted Sesame Oil
Asian Fried rice with Eggs, Red Onion, Zucchini and Sesame
Asian Satay Creamy Peanut and Cashew sauce
Pasta & Risotto
Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta with Saffron and Green Asparagus
Fregola Pasta with Chanterelles Mushrooms and Red Onions
Guinea Fowl Risotto, gravy
Homemade Spaghetti alle Vongole (according to seasonal availability)
Homemade Tagliatelle with Black Truffle sprinkles and White Truffle Oil
Homemade Tagliatelle with Saffron and a L'Ancienne Mustard
Orecchiette with Chorizo and Spring Onions
Prepared with Cardoon, the typical Vegetable from the Alps, with Gruyere Cheese
Tiger Prawns, Peas and Saffron
Spaghetti Bolognese
Side dishes
Potato gratin
Sauteed potatoes
Lyonnais potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Leek gratin
Biryani Rice
Basmati Rice
Jasmin Rice
Grilled vegetables
Mini bell peppers, mini aubergine, zucchini and asparagus
Steamed vegetables
Oyster mushroom, romanesco, mini zucchinis, radish, asparagus, mange tout and baby sweetcorn
Oven baked ptatoes
Pearl potatoes
Arabic hot Mezze
on request
Arabic hot meze Falafel, Cheese Cigar, Fatayer, Samboussek, Kebbeh, per piece
Arabic Lamb Chops
Arabic Mixed Grill
Chich Taouk, our Chef's Recipe
Chicken with Lemon and Coriander
Lamb Tajine
Manakiche, per pce
Okra Bamia
Tahini Fish
Um Ali
Children Meals
Angus Beef Burger
Beef Hamburger with Sweet Potato Chips
Breaded Chicken Burger
Breaded Crab Burger
Chicken Nuggets
Cod Fish Fingers
Egg Mimosa disguised as a Chick
Fish and Chips for Kids
Mozzarella Sticks, 6 pieces
Pizza like Quesadillas
Quinoa and Vegetable Pie
Spaghetti Bolognese
The Caprese in a Caterpillar Shape
Vegetable Balls as a Game
Sauces & More
Hot Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Desserts & Fruit
70% Black Chocolate Moelleux with Crushed Banana Dressing
Cream of the Caribbean and Passion Fruit
Creme Brulee, Carambar flavored
Creme Brulee, Carambar flavored
Fruit and Marshmallows Skewers
Millefeuille with Tahitian Vanilla Cream
Pineapple and Passion Fruit Mascarpone, Chocolate and Coconut Crumble
Sliced Exotic Fruit Platter, 120gr
The Executive Tiramisu
The Mont Blanc
Heart of Blueberry Marmelade, Topped with Meringue, whipped and Chestnut Cream
The New York Baked Cheesecake
Three Chocolate Dessert, Summer Style
Three Chocolate Mousse as an Ice Cream
Whole orange
Sliced orange
Fresh Fruit Salad
Fruit and Marshmallows Skewers
Sliced exotic fruits Full Tray, 4 pax
Sliced exotic fruits Half tray, 2 pax
Cakes & Tarts
Individual English Chocolate cake
Individual English Classic cake
Individual English Gingerbread Cake
Individual English Lemon Cake
Individual English Pistachio Cake
Almond Financier Cake
Baba, with Honey and Citrus Fruit Syrup, whipped Cream
Banoffee Pie, Banana Compote, Creamy Chocolate and Caramelized Hazelnuts Sprinkles
Gluten free
Blueberry Muffin
Dark Chocolate Cake like a Brownie
Exotic Fruit Tartlet
Granny Smith Apple Tartlet, light Vanilla Cream and Cinnamon Crumble
Honey Cake
Individual Lemon Cake
Lime and Lemon Tartlet, Swiss Meringue
Pistachio and Raspberry Tartlet
Strawberry and Lemon Finger with Olive Oil
The Paris Brest Pastry, with Praline Mousse, Crispy Chocolate and Caramelized Hazelnuts
Chocolates & Sweets
Petit Fours
Sweet pastry
Kouign Amman, the Famous Pastry from French Brittany, 5 fingers per portion
Swirl Kouign Amman, Pastry from French Brittany
Ice Cream
Dessert Sauces & garnishes
Childrens Desserts
Assortment of cheese Half tray, 2 pax
Mineral Water
Evian, 0.33 litre
Evian, 0.5 litre
Evian, 1.5 litre
Perrier, 0.33 litre
San Pellegrino, 1 litre
Volvic, 1.5 litre
Volvic, 0.5 litre
Soft Drinks
Ginger Beer, 1 litre
Coke Zero, 330ml
Coke, 330ml
Diet Coke, 330ml
Fanta, 330ml
Ginger Ale, 330ml
Schweppes, 330ml
Seven Up, 330ml
Fresh Carrot juice, 1 litre
Fresh Cucumber juice, 1 litre
Fresh Granny Smith and Verbena juice, 1 litre
Fresh Granny Smith Apple juice, 1 litre
Fresh Grapefruit juice, 1 litre
Fresh Kiwi juice, 1 litre
Fresh Mango juice, 1 litre
Fresh Orange juice, 1 litre
Fresh Passion juice, 1 litre
Fresh Pineapple juice, 1 litre
Fresh Pomegranate juice, 1 litre
Fresh Red berries juice, 1 litre
Fresh Strawberry juice, 1 litre
Fresh Tangerine juice, 1 litre
Fresh Tomato juice, 1 litre
Fresh Tropical juice, 1 litre
Milk & Cream
Coffee cream
Hot Milk
Apple and Cucumber, 1 litre
Blueberry and Mango, 1 litre
Melon and Mint, 1 litre
Peach and Raspberry (according to seasonal availability), 1 litre
Strawberry and Banana, 1 litre
Fresh fruit mix & detox drinks
Whole lemon
Sliced lemon
Sliced orange
Whole orange
White Wine
Hot Beverages
Arabic coffee
Hot water
Tea, includes a box of 10 bags
Rosé Wine
Red Wine
Dessert Wine
Port Wine
Dish Washing & Laundry
Washing services
Dry ice
Wet ice
Menu Card Printing
Newspapers & Magazines
Financial times
Al Hayat
Al Quds
Argumenti & Facti
Asharq al Awsat
Cobepwehho Cekpetho
International New York Times
Komsomolskaja Pravda
La Tribune de Gen�ve
Le Figaro
Le Matin
Le Monde
Le Temps
Tages Anseiger
The Guardian
Wall street
Aircraft Cleaning
Shopping Service
Printed Menu
Pottery & cutlery
Kitchen Equipment
Styrofoam box
Serving dishes
Gloves, 2 pieces
Toilet rolls
Drinking cups
Coffee spoon
Serving dishes
Upon request
Big Ziploc bags
Bulgari refreshing wipes
Hot towels
Oshibori wet towels cotton
Refreshing wipes
Styrofoam box
Tooth brush, upon request
Freezer - Refrigerator Service
Refreshing wipes
Bulgari refreshing wipes
Caterer's Special