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Breakfast & Bakery
Bread, 100gr
Croissants with Almonds, 120gr
Honey, 50gr
Sour cream, 50gr
Jam, 50gr
Muesli & Fruits
Cold cuts
Blinis & Pancakes
Pancakes with cottage cheese and sour cream, 220gr
Pancakes with meat and sour cream, 220gr
Pancakes with apples, 200gr
Fritters with sour cream, 150gr
Syrniks balls from cottage cheese with sour cream and strawberry jam, 180gr
Pancakes with salmon and cheese, 250gr
Pancakes with sour cream, 150gr
Pancakes with red caviar, 210gr
Hot Breakfast
Semolina porridge with pine nuts, 300gr
Oatmeal with berries, 300gr
Rice porridge with blueberries, 300gr
Plain Omelet with three eggs, 160gr
Omelet of three eggs with Beef ham, 210gr
Omelet of three eggs with Pancheta boiled-smoked, 240gr
Omelet of three eggs with Champignons, 240gr
Omelet of three eggs with Tomatoes cherry, 210gr
Omelet of three eggs with Bulgarian pepper, 240gr
Omelet of three eggs with Tuscan beans, 210gr
Omelet of three eggs with Emmental cheese, 240gr
Omelet of three eggs with green asparagus, 210gr
Omelet of three eggs with Spinach, 240gr
Omelet of three eggs with Tiger shrimps, 210gr
Omelet of three eggs with Crabmeat, 260gr
Omelet of three eggs with Sausages, 400gr
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and roasted tomatoes, 240gr
Cottage home, 200gr
Bavarian toast with egg and bacon, 120gr
Cold Breakfast Sets
Hot Breakfast Sets
Crew Breakfast
Garnish & Condiments
Cold Meals
Assorted pickles for 2 persons, 500gr
Profiteroles with salmon and Philadelphia cheese, 25gr
Tuna nori with tobiko, 20gr
Salmon tartare, 20gr
Tuna tartare, 20gr
Shrimp tempura, 30gr
Shrimp with pineapple, 30gr
Duck breast with vegetables, 20gr
Parma ham with melon, 30gr
Finger Foods
Mini mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, 25gr
Cheese Camembert with the cape gooseberry, 20gr
Cheese Gruyere with grapes, 25gr
Chicken roll with cheese, 25gr
Mini Bruschetta with tomatoes, 25gr
Roulade of eggplant with cheese, 25gr
Skewers with fruit (kiwi, pineapple, grapes), 25gr
Berry skewer (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries), 25gr
Club sandwich, 300gr
Sandwich with chicken, 220gr
Sandwich with salted salmon, 220gr
Sandwich with mozzarella and tomatoes, 220gr
Ham and cheese sandwich, 220gr
Sandwich with avocado and prawns, 220gr
Tuna sandwich, 220gr
Roast beef sandwich, 220gr
Sandwich with Parma ham, 200gr
Sandwich with salami and soft cheese, 200gr
Sandwich with vegetables and Camembert, 200gr
King crab tartare with mango sauce and Tobiko, 170gr
Tiger prawns on a green gazpacho, 180gr
Salo home, 75gr
Russian cold meat speciality
Herring with new potatoes, 250gr
Buratti with Baku tomatoes, 300gr
Mozzarella Buffalo with tomatoes and sauce Pesto, 300gr
Tuna carpaccio Blyufin and scallops, 205gr
Octopus carpaccio, 170gr
Beef carpaccio with parmesan sauce, 130gr
Parma ham with pear, 210gr
Salad of red king crab and avocado, 225gr
Tartare of marble cutting with quenelles of soft cheese, 180gr
Tartar of salmon and tuna, 190gr
Salad Olivier with chicken, 200gr
Salad Olivier with salmon, 200gr
Salad Vinaigrette with sprat, 200gr
Salad with vegetables, 200gr
Large vegetable dish, 2200gr
Vegetable for 2 persons, 350gr
Baku tomatoes with red onion, 300gr
Sweet tomatoes with red onion, 300gr
Salad Arugula with scallops, 275gr
Salad Arugula with porcini mushrooms, 275gr
Salad Arugula with avocado, 275gr
Salad Arugula with shrimps, 275gr
Lettuce salad with tuna in nori, 160gr
Salad with turkey liver, 250gr
Salad of young beets and goat cheese, 195gr
Salad with duck breast "confit", 160gr
Salad Caesar chicken breast, 355gr
Salad Caesar shrimps, 345gr
Greek salad, 220gr
Salad with roast beef, 210gr
Salad with octopus and Tuscan beans, 220gr
Salad with salmon, avocado and sweet onion, 200gr
Salad with smoked duck breast, mushrooms and figs, 260gr
Seafood salad and citrus dressing, 340gr
Mixed green salad, 100gr
Assorted meat (pork, chicken roll, roast beef) for 2 persons, 190gr
Carpaccio Trio salmon, tuna and octopus, 180gr
Norwegian salmon, 80gr
Parma ham Vidzhetso, 100gr
Salami Milano, 100gr
Salami Felino, 100gr
Bresaola, 100gr
Jamon Iberico, 100gr
Assorted fish (salmon, sturgeon, Balik salmon) for 2 persons, 180gr
Red caviar, 50gr
Assorted cheeses for 2 persons, 235gr
Emmental cheese, 100gr
Children Meals
Caesar salad with chicken, 240gr
Mix of salads, salmon and olive oil, 180gr
Veg salad, 155gr
Carrot, cucumber, radish, pepper, sauce "Stilton", 150gr
Extra Garnish & Sauces
Olives, 100gr
Cold Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Hot Meals
Customized Menu
Hot Meals
Single Items
Snacks & Starters
Meat pie, 25gr
Pie with cabbage, 25gr
Patty with mushrooms, 25gr
Spring roll with salted salmon, 190gr
Spring roll with king crab, 175gr
Shrimp tempura, 150gr
Combs ''Saint-Jacques" with wasabi potatoes, 170gr
Pork ribs in pan-Asian style, 250gr
Mini squid "Provencal", 180gr
Tiger prawns with asparagus and sauce "Bechamel", 210gr
Oysters baked (French), per piece
Julienne mushrooms, 100gr
Julienne fish (sea bass, salmon), 100gr
Julienne Chicken, 100gr
Sicilian eggplant with truffle oil, 120gr
Ragout of fresh artichokes with small squid, 220gr
Duck breast with caramelized fruits, 130gr
Tortilla with lamb and "Salsa" sauce, 250gr
Veal cheeks with potato gratin, 240gr
Veal tongue with Tuscan beans, 220gr
Duck breast with caramelized fruits, 130gr
Beef burger, 250gr
Cheeseburger, 270gr
Pizza Supreme
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Vedzhetariana
Pizza Carbonara
Pizza Spinach and Ricotta
Pizza Pikante
Pizza Calzone
Pizza Quadro Formadzhio
Pizza Funghi
Pizza Frutti di Mare
Finger foods
Cream of mushroom with croutons, 300gr
Cream of green asparagus, 300gr
Borsch with veal, 300gr
Consomm� with quenelles of turkey, 250gr
Duck soup with quenelles of soft cheese, 300gr
White mushroom soup, 300gr
Gazpacho, 300gr
Seafood soup, 300gr
Kharcho (lamb soup), 300gr
Fish Solyanka, 300gr
Meat Solyanka, 300gr
Main dishes - Meat
Marble beef with black truffle, 200gr
Deer tenderloin with potato biscuits and sea buckthorn, 260gr
Talyatta of marbled beef with arugula and Parmesan, 160gr
Cutting young calf with mashed potatoes, 240gr
Chateaubriand with red wine sauce, 220gr
Sliced lamb with celery puree and Aronia, 270gr
Beef cutlets, 160gr
Lamb Shin with grilled vegetables, 345gr
Buckwheat noodles with beef in Asian style, 300gr
Barbeque Pork, per 100gr
Barbeque Veal, per 100gr
Barbeque Lamb, per 100gr
Barbeque Lamb lulia, per 100gr
Barbeque Ribeye steak, per 100gr
Barbeque Rack of lamb, per 100gr
Barbeque Rack of veal, per 100gr
Suckling pig with buckwheat porridge and bacon, 3000gr
Hot meal for big company
Leg of lamb, baked in herbs, 1800gr
Hot meal for big company
Pork shank braised in beer, 1500gr
Hot meal for big company
Main dishes - Fish & Seafood
Murmansk black cod fillets, 100gr
Sea bass fillet, per 100gr
Salmon fillets, per 100gr
Dorado fillet, per 100gr
Turbot, per 100gr
Rainbow trout, per 100gr
Chilean sea bass fillet, per 100gr
Sole, per 100gr
Shrimps, per 100gr
Mini squid, per 100gr
Scallop, per 100gr
Octopus, per 100gr
Branzino filet with lime mousse with sweet and sour sauce, 220gr
Chilean sea bass with Kenyan beans and Asian sauce, 180gr
Dover sole "Miniere", 320gr
Black cod fillet with spinach, 255gr
Sea bass with vegetable stew and seafood, 470gr
Baked salmon with ginger sauce, 270gr
Fillet of sea bream with star fruit, 250gr
Barbeque Salmon, 100gr
Main Dishes - Poultry
Chicken baked with garlic sauce, 280gr
Chicken cutlets, 160gr
Barbeque Chicken, per 100gr
Barbeque Turkey lulia, per 100gr
Barbeque Chicken Tobacco, per 100gr
Duck baked with quince, honey and nuts, 2000gr
Hot meal for big company
Main dishes - Vegetarian
Pasta & Risotto
Pasta with seafood, 350gr
Penne arabyata, 300gr
Pasta with tomatoes and basil, 300gr
Pasta with mushrooms, 285gr
Pasta with ceps, 300gr
Linguine with king crab, 300gr
Risotto "Vialone" with vegetables, 250gr
Risotto with seafood, 360gr
Risotto with porcini mushrooms, 300gr
The duo of wild and white rice with pepper ratatouille, 220gr
Side dishes
Grilled vegetables, 200gr
Steamed vegetables, 250gr
Grilled Artichokes, 150gr
Spinach, 120gr
Mashed potatoes, 160gr
Fried potatoes with mushrooms, 400gr
Sauteed new potatoes, 160gr
Green asparagus, 120gr
French fries, 150gr
Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, 250gr
Children Meals
Borsch, 250gr
Olivier with chicken breast, 200gr
Chicken broth with noodles, 250gr
Fish soup, 250gr
Cheeseburger with fries, 240/100gr
Chicken kebab, 100/20gr
Salmon kebab, 100/20gr
Shrimp skewers, 100/20gr
Pasta with shrimp and cream sauce, 250gr
Pasta with tomatoes, 250gr
Chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes, 120/100gr
French fries, ketchup, 150/30gr
Potato wedges, cheese sauce, 150/30gr
Sauces & More
Hot Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Desserts & Fruit
Honey medovik, 150gr
Panna cotta, 130gr
Napoleon, 150gr
Bird's milk cake, 100gr
Tiramisu, 150gr
Tartlets with berries, 30gr
Eton mess, 140gr
Raspberry mousse, 80gr
Mango mousse, 80gr
Mini Yoghurt cake, 40gr
Mini Exotic cakes, 40gr
Mini Jujube, 30gr
Mini Bird's milk, 40gr
Mini tiramisu in a glass, 70gr
Mini pannakota in a glass, 70gr
Mini Meringue cake, 20gr
Mini potato Cake, 30gr
Mini Tartlets with fruits and berries, 25gr
Mini Macaroni pistachio or raspberry, 12gr
Mascarpone and caramel, 230gr
Fruit vase, 1000gr
Fruit cutting for 2 persons, 300gr
Fruit salad, 200gr
Strawberries, 50gr
Dewberries, 50gr
Blueberries, 50gr
Raspberries, 50gr
Red currants, 50gr
Cakes & Tarts
Chocolates & Sweets
Mini Handmade chocolates, 12gr
Petit Fours
Eclairs, 50gr
Assorted petit fours, 75gr
Profiteroles, 50gr
Mini eclairs, 25gr
Mini profitrolli, 25gr
Mini Cookies nut + kantuchini with almonds, 20gr
Sweet pastry
Pancakes with mascarpone and berry sauce, 210gr
Ice Cream
Dessert Sauces & garnishes
Childrens Desserts
Gouda Cheese, 100gr
Dor Blue Cheese, 100gr
Emmental cheese, 100gr
Gouda Cheese, 100gr
Dor Blue Cheese, 100gr
Mineral Water
Soft Drinks
Pineapple fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Orange fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Pomegranate fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Grapefruit fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Mango fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Mango fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Tangerine fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Carrot fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Celery fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Apple fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Fresh berry juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Tomato fresh juice, 0.5l
from Jet Catering
Cranberry juice (Mors)
from Jet Catering
Milk & Cream
Fresh fruit mix & detox drinks
White Wine
Hot Beverages
Hot water in a thermos, 500 ml
from Jet Catering
Hot water in a thermos, 1 l
from Jet Catering
Coffee in a thermos, 500ml
from Jet Catering
Coffee in a thermos, 1 l
from Jet Catering
Rosé Wine
Red Wine
Dessert Wine
Port Wine
Dish Washing & Laundry
Menu Card Printing
Newspapers & Magazines
Aircraft Cleaning
Shopping Service
Printed Menu
Pottery & cutlery
Kitchen Equipment
Freezer - Refrigerator Service
Caterer's Special