DeliSky - VIP Jet Catering Menu
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Fairoaks, United Kingdom
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Breakfast & Bakery
Toasted English muffin
Plain bagel, large
Brown toast
Granary toast
White toast
Bread roll
Plain croissant, large
Plain croissant, mini
Pain au chocolat, large
Pain au chocolat, mini
Danish pastry, large
Danish pastry, mini
Homemade muffin, large
Homemade muffin, mini
Absolute Taste breakfast muffin
Plantation breakfast wrap
Individual jam
Individual honey
Individual marmalade
Individual British butter portion
Plain yoghurt, glass pot
Fruit yoghurt, glass pot
Mini box of cereal
Mini box of muesli
Muesli & Fruits
Sliced seasonal fruit
Homemade granola with Greek yoghurt and berry compote
Bircher muesli with berry compote
Fresh berry salad
Fresh fruit salad
Fruit skewers with Greek yoghurt and honey dip
Absolute Taste porridge with banana
Pomelo, orange and pink grapefruit salad
Cold cuts
Sliced cured meat platter
Sliced European cheese platter
Sliced European cheese and cured meat platter
Smoked salmon platter
Blinis & Pancakes
Hot Breakfast
Free range scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Eggs Royale
Gingerbread pancakes
Omelette with fresh herbs
Omelette with fresh herbs and gruyere cheese
Omelette with fresh herbs and Cheddar cheese
American pancakes with crispy bacon
Homemade cinnamon waffles
Smoked back bacon
Oscar Mayer crispy American bacon
Sweet cured bacon
Cumberland sausage
Chicken sausage
Grilled tomato
Sauteed button mushrooms
Baked beans
Homemade hash brown
Fried potatoes
Free range poached egg
Free range fried egg
Free range scrambled egg
Cold Breakfast Sets
Squairmeal n. 1 Breakfast
Freshly baked croissant, pain au chocolat and pain aux raisins *** Homemade mini white chocolate and strawberry, blueberry and double chocolate muffins *** Soft fruit salad of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe melon
Squairmeal n. 2 Breakfast
Sliced emmental, double creme chaource and pont l'eveque cheese with Parma ham, home roasted smoked ham, salami, grapes and cantaloupe melon *** Sourdough ficelle, brioche and 1000 seed roll with Echire butter *** Salad of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries
Squairmeal n. 4 Breakfast
Smoked Scottish salmon with rocket and caper salad, cream cheese and rye bread croutes *** Honey toasted oats, apple and cinnamon compote with Greek yoghurt *** Trail mix of dried apricots, medjool dates, figs, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and pecans
Squairmeal n. 5 Breakfast
Bircher muesli with red berry compote, vanilla soya yoghurt, toasted seeds and manuka honey *** Freshly sliced ogan and galia melon, pineapple mango and blueberries *** Homemade banana, walnut and date loaf
Standard Breakfast A
Croissant and Pastry (or 2 of each if mini size) butter and preserve, seasonal sliced fruit and berries - served on a half atlas tray
Standard Breakfast B
Seasonal sliced fruit and berries, cream cheese bagel with smoked salmon - served on a half atlas tray
Standard Breakfast C
Seasonal sliced fruit and berries, cold sliced meat & continental cheese platter, fruit yoghurt, bread roll, butter and preserve - served on a half atlas tray
Standard Breakfast D
Seasonal sliced fruit and berries, crunchy muesli, fruit yoghurt - served on a half atlas tray
Hot Breakfast Sets
Squairmeal n. 3 Breakfast
Full English breakfast hash with soft boiled quail eggs, crispy pancetta, spinach, portabella mushroom and cherry tomato, Pain Poilane toast and homemade tomato ketchup *** Pink grapefruit, pomelo and orange fruit salad with mint and brown sugar sirup *** Grilled figs with Earl Gray, vanilla and strawberry compote, Greek yoghurt, manuka honey granola and toasted brioche soldiers
Crew Breakfast
Garnish & Condiments
Cold Meals
Kettle chips - large
Kettle chips - small
Beef carpaccio on rocket & horseradish blinis with truffle oil and Grana
Pea and mint tartlet topped with feta cheese and fresh mint
Wild mushroom and asparagus tartlet with a chervil cream
Tuna Nicoise tartlet
Pea and mint tartlet topped with feta cheese and fresh mint
Bamboo skewers of buffalo mozzarella, fig, mint and prosciutto
Duck pancakes with cucumber, spring onion and hoisin sauce
Beef carpaccio on rocket and horseradish blini with truffle oil
Dill blini with gravadlax topped with sour cream and Keta caviar
Buckwheat blini topped with Caviar House Balik salmon tartare
Market price.
Fresh tuna, avocado, carrot, basil and mint rice paper roll, 6 pieces
Superfood rice paper roll, 6 pieces
Asian marinated chicken rice paper roll, 6 pieces
Crispy duck rice paper roll, 6 pieces
Seared fresh tuna served on cucumber round, 6 pieces
Foie gras terrine on a brioche croute
Mini roast beef Yorkshire pudding
Beetroot cured salmon on chive potato scone
Broad bean and mint bruschetta
Wild mushroom and truffle bruschetta
Cornish crab and cucumber cup
Ragstone goats cheese with red onion marmalade
Beetroot rosti topped with Bresola and horseradish
Finger Foods
Bacon, lettuce and tomato
Honey roast ham, grainy mustard seed mayo and salad sandwich
Honey roast ham, farmhouse cheddar and Branston pickle sandwich
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and basil sandwich
Roast beef with sunblush tomato, rocket and horseradish sandwich
Chicken, plum tomato and basil pesto mayo sandwich
Coronation chicken and iceberg lettuce sandwich
Chicken Caesar salad sandwich
Chicken mayo, avocado and bacon sandwich
Chicken tikka with iceberg lettuce sandwich
Turkey salad with Dijon mustard sandwich
Farmhouse cheddar and salad sandwich
Brie, cranberry and iceberg lettuce sandwich
Buffalo mozzarella, sunblush tomato, rocket and fresh basil sandwich
Grilled vegetables with buffalo mozzarella sandwich
Free range egg mayo and cress sandwich
Tuna mayo and cucumber sandwich
Smoked salmon with lemon and black pepper sandwich
Poached salmon with lemon and dill mayo and crispy leaf sandwich
Prawn mayo and avocado sandwich
Crayfish, rocket and mayo sandwich
Lobster club sandwich sandwich
Freshly cooked lobster, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce and mayo on bloomer
Chicken club sandwich sandwich
Chargrilled, chicken breast, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce and mayo on bloomer
Baguel with Pastrami with cream cheese and gherkins
Baguel with Crispy bacon, tomato, cream cheese and guacamole
Baguel with Roast beef, blue cheese, red onion marmalade and rocket
Baguel with Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Chargilled vegetables and hummus wrap
Mature cheddar, apple, rocket and red onion chutney wrap
Hoisin duck, cucumber, spring onion and iceberg lettuce wrap
Cajun chicken, avocado, rocket and tomato salsa wrap
Chicken Caesar salad wrap
Satay chicken with spring onion and cucumber wrap
Tuna Nicoise with spring onion and flat leaf parsley wrap
Prawn mayo, avocado and rocket wrap
Crayfish, lime mayo, avocado and rocket wrap
Marinated foie gras terrine with fig chutney and toasted brioche
Foie gras bomb with a Madeira emulsion and ginger crumb
Carpaccio of beef with parmesan shavings, rocket and white truffle oil dressing
Prosciutto with cantaloupe melon and fresh black figs
Kiln roasted salmon
Fresh crab and avocado stack
Butter poached lobster stack
Potted prawn and lobster in lobster butter verrine
Balik salmon with dill blini, lemon creme fraiche and a bitter leaf salad
Smoked trout
with candied beetroots, new potatoes, watercress and a caper dressing
Herbed goats cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and microshoots (seasonal dish)
Roasted vegetable stack
with roasted red and yellow peppers, aubergine, courgettes and slow roasted cherry tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and pesto served with rocket
Sushi selection, on request
Select items from London's finest Japanese restaurants
Classic Greek
Plum, cherry and vine tomato with buffalo mozzarella and basil
Endive, Roquefort and walnut salad
Superfood salad
Dukkah crusted goats cheese salad
Chicory, pear, Stilton and candied pecan nut salad
Buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and black figs
Classic Caesar
Classic Caesar with chargilled chicken
Traditional Cobb salad
Poached salmon, shaved fennel and cucumber salad
Crispy aromatic duck with spring onion, cucumber salad
Peking duck, watermelon, feta and spring onion salad
Spinach, avocado, crispy bacon and croutons
Rare roast beef salad
Seared tuna Nicoise
Smoked trout with roasted new potatoes and crunchy salad
Fresh lobster, crayfish and king prawn salad
Sliced cured meat platter
European cheese board
Sliced European cheese and cured meat platter
Smoked salmon platter
Seafood platter
Smoked fish platter
Crudites platter with a selection of dips
Vegetarian Mediterranean selection
Marinated courgettes, asparagus and sunblush tomato, Bocconcini, artichokes, stuffed piquillo peppers, thyme and olive oil, focaccia croute
Mediterranean selection
Marinated courgettes, asparagus and sunblush tomato, Bocconcini, artichokes, stuffed piquillo peppers, thyme and olive oil, focaccia croute and assorted meats
Tapas selection
Mini frittatas, cherry tomato, sweet piquillo pepper and tomato salsa, prosciutto, Manchego, courgette and mint croquettes, grilled baby chorizo
Mezze selection
Babaganoush, salsa balda, lamb shish, dolma, pumpkin falafel, hummus
Sandwich and wrap platter
Sandwich platter
Bagel platter
Open sandwich platter
Canape platter
Children Meals
Extra Garnish & Sauces
Heinz ketchup - bottle
Heinz mayo - individual
Heinz mustard - individual
Herb garnish
Cold Meal Sets
Squairmeal n. 6 Anytime
Rossini sandwich; rare roast Scotch sirloin beef, foie gras and black truffle butter with rocket and sourdough with butternut, parsnip and artichoke crisps *** Strawberry tartlet, our famous chocolate brownie and fresh fruit skewers
Squairmeal n. 7 Anytime
Lobster BLT; grilled lobster, maple cured bacon, romaine lettuce, vine tomato and lobster mayonnaise on toasted ciabatta with game chips *** Raspberry and pistachio slice, chocolate dipped strawberries and passion fruit tartlet
Squairmeal n. 8 Anytime
Crudites plate of chicory, heritage carrots, red and yellow peppers, spring onion, celery, vine cherry tomatoes and parmesan grissini with chive and shallot cream dip and sunblush tomato pesto *** Chilli and lime marinated prawn skewer, Ras al Hanout spiced chicken skewer with apricot chutney, sea salt and black pepper beef skewer, buffola mozzarella, peach, Parma ham and mint skewer
Squairmeal n. 9 Anytime
Charcuterie plate of pressed foie gras terrine with sauternes, Parma ham, salami Milano, Kassler, cornichons, balsamic onions, vine cherry tomatoes with Champagne toasts *** Artisan French cheese board with chicory, rocket, walnuts, dried figs and wheat wafers
Squairmeal n. 10
Maine lobster and Mediterranean prawn cocktail *** Char-grilled chicken Ceasar with crispy pancetta and Gran Padano crackling *** Mango, pineapple and blueberry salad with passion fruit creme fraiche
Squairmeal n. 11
Rare Scottch roast beef on celeriac remoulade with a new patato, baby gem, pea, spring onion and horseradish salad *** Fish taster plate of dressed Cornish crab, smoked salmon and Mediterranean prawn marie rose
Squairmeal n. 12
Four Tapas: marinated manzanilla olives, chargrilled artichoke hearts, stuffed roasted peppers and chargrilled asparagus *** Iberico tasting plate: lomo, chorizo, morcon and leg and shoulder, Manchego cheese with tomato toasts *** Dark chocolate and black cherry mousse with pistachio brittle
Squairmeal n. 13
Seared tuna nicoise salad with tapanade dressing *** beef two ways, carpaccio and tartare with caper and parsley gremolata, shavings of pecorino served with paprika game chips *** White chocolate and raspberry mousse with poached peach
Squairmeal n. 14
Greek salad with marinated feta *** Tuna two ways, tartare and carpaccio with oven dried cherry tomatoes, wild rocket, tapanade dressing served with ciabatta croute and black olive sea salt *** vanilla and toasted almond pannacotta with roasted black figs
Squairmeal n. 15
Sharpham park spelt, roast butternut and herb salad with shaved fennel and cucumber *** English goat cheese, vine tomato and rocket tart with toasted pine nuts and black olives *** Apple and plum compote with macadamia nut crumble and vanilla mascarpone
Squairmeal n. 16
Super food salad of roast butternut, beetroot, quinoa, alfalfa, spinach, edamame, green beans, peas and toasted nuts and seeds *** Sauteed wild mushrooms with tarragon and toasted hazelnuts on rosemary foccacia *** Vegan chocolate and orange cake with citrus and mint compote
Standard Lunch/Dinner A
Seasonal sliced fruit and berries, assorted finger sandwiches, selection of petit fours - served on a half atlas tray
Standard Lunch/Dinner B
Seasonal sliced fruit and berries, Chicken Caesar salad, Chef's choice of dessert, bread roll and butter - served on a half atlas tray
Standard Lunch/Dinner C
Seasonal sliced fruit and berries, Seafood salad, green salad, Chef's choice of dessert, bread roll and butter - served on a half atlas tray
Standard Afternoon Tea
Assorted finger sandwiches, assorted mini pastries - served on a half atlas tray
Crew Meals
Hot Meals
Customized Menu
Hot Meals
Single Items
Snacks & Starters
Gruyere and wild mushroom tartlet
Mini quiche Lorraine
Mini caramelised shallot and dolcelatte tartlet
Duck and vegetable spring roll
Homemade Thai crab cake
Wild mushroom risotto cake
Mini cod fishcake
Sweet potato, chilli and feta cheese potato cake
Wild mushroom beignet
Tiny Scottish salmon burger
Baby brioche filled with wild mushrooms
Sweetcorn fritter
Filo wrapped prawns
Tiny homemade beef burger
Lobster rarebit tartlet with baby leaf and fresh herb salad
Classic quiche Lorraine tartlet served with baby gem and fresh herb salad
Steamed asparagus, broad beans, lobster and soft poached egg
with fresh chervil and chive butter blanc
Seared scallops, pan fried chorizo and lemon risotto
Pumpkin ravioli with sweet pepper bisque, hazelnuts and crispy shallots
Homemade salmon fishcake with wholegrain mustard dressing and bitter leaf salad
Seared scallops, Mediterranean crevettes and petits pois Francais with herbed veloute
Seared beef salad, foie gras bonbon
with artichoke, confit tomato and balsamic grelot onions
Smoked pork belly with dressed lentils and caramelized Granny Smith apples
Finger foods
Charred lobster skewers with a lime and coriander dip
Cajun tuna skewers with pineapple and red chili sauce
Panko crusted Mediterranean prawns skewers with mango, sesame and coriander dip
Skewers of tiger prawns tossed in chili, lime and coriander with a lime, chili & creme fraiche dip
Teriyaki salmon skewers with a spicy soy, honey and creme fraiche dip
Thai marinated beef skewers with coriander, mint, red chili and lime dip
Skewers of sirloin beef with a salt and pepper crust and horseradish creme fraiche dip
Beef satay skewers with spicy peanut dip
Tandoori chicken on skewers with a cucumber, mint and yoghurt dip
Chicken satay skewers with spicy peanut dip
Moroccan spice lamb skewers with moutabel dip
Marinated lamb skewers with rosemary, lemon and garlic with a green olive & flat leaf parsley dip
Fresh pea and ham with pea shoots, crumbled feta and crispy pancetta, 1 litre
Fresh pea and mint with truffle oil and pea shoots, 1 litre
Fresh spicy tomato with garlic croutes, 1 litre
Chilled gazpacho, 1 litre
Chilled melon and honey, 1 litre
Fresh tomato and basil, 1 litre
Creamy mushroom and cognac, 1 litre
French onion with Gruyere croutons, 1 litre
Smoked haddock chowder with a chive creme fraiche, 1 litre
Butternut with creme fraiche and butternut crisps, 1 litre
Crab and sweetcorn chowder, 1 litre
Healthy chicken noodle soup, 1 litre
Tom Kha Gai - Thai spiced chicken and coconut soup, 1 litre
Tom Yum - Hot and sour Thai soup, 1 litre
Seasonal minestrone, 1 litre
Lobster bisque, 1 litre
Fresh asparagus soup, 1 litre
Main dishes - Meat
Rosemary and garlic roasted cannon of lamb
parsnip and potato puree, roasted baby root vegetables, red currant jus and a mint hollandaise
Herb rubbed rump of lamb
with dauphinoise potatoes, crispy seasonal vegetables and thyme jus
Mustard and pepper crusted beef fillet
horseradish rosti, carrot puree, baby leeks and a red wine jus
Pan fried medallions of veal
spring onion potato cake, shallot and wild mushroom ragout
Fillet steak "Rossini"
served with butter spinach
Beef bourguignon
with horseradish mashed potatoes, seasonal greens and baby carrots
Beef stroganoff
with herbed wild rice or tagliatelle. Please specify side.
Moroccan lamb tagine
with mint and lemon flavoured couscous
Main dishes - Fish & Seafood
Roasted loin of cod with a cheddar and parsley crust
on garlic infused mash, sauteed shallots, pancetta lardons and mushrooms in a burgundy wine sauce
Poached salmon
with new potaotes, confit of tomato and artichoke stack, chargrilled asparagus and a lemon hollandiase sauce
Seared sea bass fillet
with new potatoes, asparagus, broad bean and pea salad with a lemon beurre blanc sauce
Roasted halibut
roasted turned potatoes, fresh tenderstem broccoli
Spiced monkfish tail
with crispy potato, mustard lentils and cucumber raita
Whole Dover sole meuniere, filleted off the bone
with sauteed potatoes, baby fennel, asparagus, leeks and carrots
Whole Dover sole grilled, filleted off the bone
with sauteed potatoes, baby fennel, asparagus, leeks and carrots
Lobster thermidor served with a green leaf salad
Main Dishes - Poultry
Roast breast of chicken stuffed with asparagus and herb mousseline
potato galette, pan fried spinach and a Madeira emulsion
Roast breast of chicken stuffed with sunblush tomato, basil, pinenuts and boursin
with fondant potato, vegetable medley and chive veloute
Roast duck breast and confit of duck
with a white bean cassoulet and crispy green leaves
Thai green chicken curry with red chili and coriander rice
Coq au vin confit chicken leg and roasted breast
with a creamy mash, spinach, caramelized pearl onions and pancetta lardons with a bordelaise sauce
Main dishes - Vegetarian
Blackened tomato and goats cheese tartin
with green pesto on a baby leaf salad
Double baked souffle
with walnut and celery
Pasta & Risotto
Pappardelle with wild boar ragu
wild pig meat
Risotto primavera
with large shards of parmesan crackling
Butternut risotto
with chunks of roasted butternut, pumpkin oil and shavings of parmesan
Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil
Potato gnocchi with homemade pesto sauce
Penne puttanesca
Penne puttanesca with seared fresh tuna
Linguine with lobster, prawns, chilli and wilted rocket
Pea and ham raviolli with a wholegrain mustard cream
Seasonal homemade filled pasta
Spaghetti Bolognese
Beef lasagne and crispy green salad
Side dishes
Pan fried leek ribbons
Caramelised balsamic shallots
Honey and thyme baby carrots
Grilled baby courgettes
Selection of steamed baby vegetables
Minted pea puree
Broad bean, pea, baby leek and asparagus medley
Roasted root vegetables
Grilled Mediterranean vegetables
Pan fried spinach
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Twice fried chunky chips
Parmentier potato with pancetta and spring onion
Goose fat roasted potatoes
Pan fried new potatoes with garlic and herbs
Horseradish and spring onion rosti
Thyme and lemon crushed new potato stack
Buttered potato, confit cherry tomato and artichoke stack
Basmati rice
Wild rice with fresh herbs
Brown rice
Chickepea Pont Neuf
Truffled English peas with lettuce
Baby spring vegetables with herbed butter
Roasted Yukon gold potatoes
Children Meals
Fun shaped sandwiches
starter, snack
Carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and mini pitta
starter, snack
Cocktail sausages served with "tommy k"
starter, snack
Macaroni and cheese
Chicken goujons with potato wedges and sour cream
Homemade fish fingers with chunky chips
Sausage, mashed potato and beans
Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce
Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Beef lasagne with cheesy garlic bread
Hamburger and fries
Grilled salmon
Grilled white fish
Margherita pizza
Chicken and Monterey Jack quesadillas
Buttermilk chicken drumsticks
Honey and soy chicken and vegetable stir fry
Turkey Schnitzel with thin potato straws
Sauces & More
Hot Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Desserts & Fruit
Opera Gateaux
Afternoon tea
Chocolate eclair
Afternoon tea
Warm chocolate fondant with clotted cream ice cream
Chocolate brownie with home made honeycomb ice cream and chocolate sauce
Chocolate espresso torte with coffee mascarpone mousse
Praline and dark chocolate mousse with gingerbread fingers
Vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb jelly, strawberry and rhubarb compote & homemade shortbread
Coffee and doughnuts
Coffee mouse with matled milk topping and cinnamon and date filled doughnuts
Apple trio
Seasonal fruit crumble with an Amaretto and macadamia topping and custard
Homemade bread and butter pudding with custard
Warm sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce
Classic creme brulee
Cream filled profiteroles with chocolate sauce
Banoffee pie with chocolate sauce
Pavlova with cream and fresh fruit
Chocolate dipped strawberry
Afternoon tea
Mini fruit skewer
Sliced fruit platter
Small fruit basket
Medium fruit basket
Large fruit basket
Small berry basket
Medium berry basket
Large berry basket
Fresh berries
please pecify quantity, price on request
Cakes & Tarts
Victoria sponge
Afternoon tea
Carrot cake with orange cream cheese topping
Afternoon tea
Blueberry and lemon teacake
Afternoon tea
Raspberry and almond cake
Afternoon tea
Walnut cake
Afternoon tea
Lemon drizzle cake
Afternoon tea
Raspberry teacake
Afternoon tea
Banana bread
Afternoon tea
Muesli slice with banana and honey
Afternoon tea
Milk chocolate tart with a hazelnut creme Anglaise
New York baked blueberry cheesecake with bluebrry compote and fruit coulis
Individual fruit tartlet with berry coulis
Dark chocolate and pumpkin tart with vanilla creme Anglaise and clotted cream
Passion fruit tart wiht banana and passion fruit sorbet
Individual lemon tartlet with a red berry salad
Apple tarte tartin with homemade vanilla ice cream and apple crisps
with homemade vanilla ice cream and apple crisps
Treacle tart with clotted cream
Lemon meringue pie
Seasonal fruit cheesecake
Chocolates & Sweets
Petit Fours
Fresh fruit tartlet
Afternoon tea
Baked plum and almond tartlet
Afternoon tea
Chocolate and pistachio tartlet
Afternoon tea
Chocolate caramel tartlet
Afternoon tea
Lemon tartlet
Afternoon tea
Absolute Taste mini muffins
Mini macaroon
Petit four platter
White chocolate and pistachio fudge
Fresh fruit tartlet
Lemon tartlet
Chocolate tartlet
Baby mango and blueberry tartlet
Passion fruit tartlet
Pecan pie
Rose scented meringue kiss
Chocolate dipped strawberry
Chocolate truffle
Chocolate espresso torte
White chocolate mousse in dark chocolate cup
Almond and pistachio Florentine
Pistachio and orange tuile
Cranberry biscotti
Chocolate brownie square
Afternoon tea
Salted caramel and pecan brownie
Afternoon tea
Lavender shortbread
Afternoon tea
Homemade cookie - large
Afternoon tea
Homemade cookie - medium
Afternoon tea
Sweet pastry
Ice Cream
Dessert Sauces & garnishes
Childrens Desserts
Artisan British cheese board
Mineral Water
Evian water 1.5Lt
Evian water 330ml
Evian water 500ml
Fiji water 1Lt
Fiji water 500ml
Fiji water 330ml
Perrier water 330ml can
Perrier water 330ml glass
Perrier water 750ml glass
Volvic water 1.5 ltr
Volvic water 500ml
Soft Drinks
Caffeine free Coke can 330ml
Caffeine free diet Coke can 330ml
Coke can 330ml
Coke can Zero 330ml
Diet coke can 330ml
Fanta 330ml
Fanta Zero 330ml
Lemonade can 330ml
Red Bull 250ml
Red Bull sugar free 250ml
Sprite can 330ml
Sprite Zero can 330ml
7UP can 330ml
Diet 7 UP can 330ml
Kids activity pack
Apple, mango, pineapple, blueberry and strawberry juice, 1 litre
Apple and pear juice, 1 litre
Apple and raspberry juice, 1 litre
Banana, apple and strawberry juice, 1 litre
Carrot juice, 1 litre
Carrot, cucumber and celery, 1 litre
Carrot and orange juice, 1 litre
Grapefruit, orange and lemon juice, 1 litre
Mixed berry juice, 1 litre
Kiwi juice, 1 litre
Mango juice, 1 litre
Mango and passion fruit, 1 litre
Melon and mango, 1 litre
Orange juice, 1 litre
Orange and raspberry, 1 litre
Papaya, melon and lime, 1 litre
Peach, pear, lemon and strawberry juice, 1 litre
Pineapple juice, 1 litre
Pineapple and mango juice, 1 litre
Pineapple, raspberry and banana, 1 litre
Raspberry, mango and banana smoothie, 1 litre
Strawberry, pineapple and kiwi juice, 1 litre
Watermelon and ginger juice, 1 litre
Cranberry juice long life, 1 litre
Orange juice long life, 1 litre
Tomato juice long life, 1 litre
Milk & Cream
Coffee creamer
Pint of semi skimmed milk
Pint of skimmed milk
Pint of whole milk
UHT milk 500ml
Soya milk 1Lt
Half and half 500ml
Fresh fruit mix & detox drinks
On request. Please specify wishes.
White Wine
Hot Beverages
Hot water
On request
Hot coffee
On request
Thermos of black coffee
price on request
Arabic coffee, 1 litre
price on request
Camomile tea bag, box
Assorted herbal tea bags, box
Darjeeling tea bags, box
Decaff Earl Grey tea bags, box
Decaff English breakfast tea bag, box
Earl Grey tea bags, box
English breakfast tea bags, box
Green tea bags, box
Jasmine tea bags, box
Mint tea bags, box
Orange pekoe tea bags, box
Rosé Wine
Red Wine
Dessert Wine
Port Wine
Cucumber and kiwi gin refresher
Spiced strawberry, basil and Bacardi cooler
Watermelon vodka mule
Bourbon mint julep
Apple, elderflower and gin collins
Mango and passion fruit vodka martini
Absolute Taste vodka Bloody Mary
South Pacific
Dark and stormy rum zinger
Sole gin and fresh lime topped with ginger ale
Dish Washing & Laundry
Ice cubes 1kg
Dry ice
Menu Card Printing
Menu writing
Newspapers & Magazines
On request. Please specify wishes.
On request. Please specify wishes.
Aircraft Cleaning
Shopping Service
Printed Menu
Small arrangement
On request. Please specify wishes.
Medium arrangement
On request. Please specify wishes.
Orchid plant
On request. Please specify wishes.
Orchid stem
On request. Please specify wishes.
On request. Please specify wishes.
Single roses
On request. Please specify wishes.
Pottery & cutlery
Kitchen Equipment
Hot towels (tray of 10)
Kitchen roll (2 pack)
Paper napkins - canape size
Paper napkins - large pack
Kleenex tissues cube
Freezer - Refrigerator Service
Caterer's Special