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Pontoise – Cormeilles Aerodrome, France
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Breakfast & Bakery
White Toast
Wheat Toast
Brown Toast
Whole Wheat Toast
Mini French Bakery, 5 pieces
Mini Croissant, chocolate croissant, raisin roll, apple turnover
Chocolate Croisant
Raisin Roll
Butter Echire, 30 gr
Apricot Preserves
Strawberry Preserves
Orange Preserves
Cherry Preserves
Plume Preserves
Plain Yoghurt
Fruit Yoghurt
Muesli & Fruits
Fresh Fruit Salad
Melon, ananas,mangue, kiwi
Bircher muesli with red berries
Oats ,almonds , walnuts,honey,fruit dry,cinnamon ,natural yaourt ,red berries
Cold cuts
Deli Meat Display
Ham , turkey , chicken
Blinis & Pancakes
Pancakes, 3 pieces
With Maple syrup
Belgian Waffles, 2 pieces
Mini French Pancakes, 5 pieces
With sugar glaze
Hot Breakfast
Fried Eggs, 3 eggs
Potatoes Churros
Grilled Bacon
Grilled Chicken Sausage
Hash Browns
Farmhouse Potatoes
Grilled Tomatoes
Grilled Mushrooms
Baked Beans
Grilled Vegetables
Zucchini, eggplant, tomato, bell pepper, mushroom, asparagus
French Toast
Brioche tranche eggs, almond creme , suger glaze
Scrambled Eggs, 3 eggs
Poached Eggs, 3 eggs
3 Egg Omelette
Cold Breakfast Sets
Hot Breakfast Sets
English Breakfast
Three-egg omelet or scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, grilled sausage, baked beans, saut��_ed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, salted muffins and fresh orange juice
American Breakfast
Three-egg omelet or scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, hash browns,pan cake, mapple sirop ,toast and fresh orange juice
French Breakfast
Assortment of Mini bakery items, croissant, pain au chocolat, Raisin Roll, apple turnover ,butter and preserves,honey, toast and fresh orange juice
Healthy Breakfast
Bircher Meusli with Red Berries, fruit Salad, Orange Juice, Honey
European Breakfast
Sliced cheeses, sliced cold cuts, sliced fruits, yoghurt , butter ,preserves , c��_reales, assortment of mini bakery croissant, pain au chocolat, Raisin Roll, apple turnover
New York Breakfast
Bagel and lox served with cream cheese, black pepper and lemon , sliced fruit,yourt plain ,pan cake, mapple sirop ,toast and fresh orange juice
Crew Breakfast
Garnish & Condiments
Cold Meals
Vegetable Crudites with Dips
Finger Foods
Gourmet Sandwich with Tuna
Gourmet Sandwich with Smoked Salmon
Gourmet Sandwich with Tomato Mozarella
Gourmet Sandwich with Chicken Caesar
New York Bagels Sandwich with Ham
New York Bagels Sandwich with Pastrami
New York Bagels Sandwich with Goat Cheese
New York Bagels Sandwich with Smoked Salmon
New York Bagels Sandwich with Avacado Cocktail
New York Bagels Sandwich with Chicken
Wrap Sandwich with Chicke Caesar
Wrap Sandwich with Goat Cheese
Wrap Sandwich with Pastrami
Wrap Sandwich with Smoked Salmon
Wrap Sandwich with Mexican Avacado
Wrap Sandwich with Beef
Half Baguette Sandwich with Pastrami
Half Baguette Sandwich with Ham
Half Baguette Sandwich with Goast Cheese
Half Baguette Sandwich with Smoked Salmon
Half Baguette Sandwich with Beef
Half Baguette Sandwich with Veal
Half Baguette Sandwich with Chicken
Triangular Sandwich with Tuna, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Egg Salad, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Roast Beef, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Smoked Salmon, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Crab Salad, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Baked Ham, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Turkey Breast, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Tiger Shrimps, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Grilled Vegetables, 2 pieces
Triangular Sandwich with Tomato Mozarella and Basil, 2 pieces
Air Culinaire Club Sandwich
Croque Monsieur with Ham
Croque Monsieur with Turkey
Foie Gras and Fig Chutney Open Sandwich, 2 pieces
Parma Ham, Mozzarella and Parmesan Open Sandwich, 2 pieces
Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich, 2 pieces
Roast Beef Open Sandwich, 2 pieces
Serrano ham Open Sandwich, 2 pieces
Italian Antipasti
Bresaola, Parma ham, Coppola, grilled vegetables, marinated olives, marinated calamari, eggplant caviar and sun-dried tomatoes, served with rosemary foccacia
Scallops Carpacio
Fin slice of scallops and olive oil with pineapple brunoise and mango caviar flowers.
Foie Gras Terrine
Foie gras terrine, served with fig chutney and toasted gingerbread
Double beef carpaccio
Fine slices of beef with arugula and grated parmesan capers and olive oil
Melon Prosciutto di Parma
Small french gressini four flavors
Tomato & Pesto Pasta Verrine
min 6 per order
Cheese Cake Salmon Verrine
min 6 per order
Tuna Crumble Tomato Verrine
min 6 per order
Goat Cheese Crumble Verrine
min 6 per order
Foie Gras, Apples and Ginger Bread Verrine
min 6 per order
Mango and Pepper Guacamole Verrine
min 6 per order
on request
on request
on request
Sushi Rolls
on request
Caesar Salad
Tiger Prawn Salad
Arugula, pine nuts, shaved Parmesan, hart of artichoke , tomato balsamic vinaigrette
Salad Nicoise
Greek Salad
Feta, sweet peppers, tomatoes, red onions,cucumber, black olives and coriander
Garden Green Salad
Fresh garden leaves with cherry tomatoes and choice of dressing
Caprese Salad
Tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella with pesto
Salad Perigourdine
Mesclun salad with foie gras terrine, smoked duck breast ,tomato cherry, muschrooms, green beans, pine nuts
Salad Lyonnaise
Frisee lettuce, smoked diced bacon, crisp bacon slices, poached egg, baguette croutons, Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Salad Auvergnate
Spring mix lettuce, green lentils, mushrooms, Cnatal cheese, Serrano ham, baguette croutons, mustard vinaigrette with fine herbs
Salad Tourangelle
Mixed spring greens, asparagus, haricot vert, red kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, endive, poached salmon, chervril, chives and parsley, creamy vinaigrette
Avocado Shimp Cocktail
Avocado, cherry tomato, shrimp, cocktail sauce
Kaiso Salad
Smoked Fish Plate
Assortment of smoked fish, salmon, tuna, marlin, swordfishmarlin,kswordfish, halibut. To Includeblinis, cream cheese with chives, lemon
Assortment of Cured Meats
Saussage, pate, salami served with onion marmalade, baguette toast and pickled vegetables
Seafood Platter International
Rock lobster, prawns, scallops, crabs, pink shrimp, calamari marinated, dips
Parsley, bulgur, tomato, lemon, pomegranate
Eggplant caviar, sesame, olive oil, garlic, lemon
Eggplant, pepper, tomato, olive oil, garlic, basil
Stuffed VineLleaves
Fattoush Salad
Children Meals
Extra Garnish & Sauces
French Dressing
Italian Dressing
Blue Cheese Dressing
Honey Mustard Dressing
Red Wine Vinaigrette
Caesar Dressing
Cold Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Hot Meals
Customized Menu
Hot Meals
Single Items
Snacks & Starters
Spinach and Ricotta Quiche
Duo Beef and Duck, Vegetables Stew in Jelly with Foie Gras
Salmon and Parsley Quiche
Finger foods
Cream of Vegetables Soup, 1 L
French Onion Soup, 1 L
Chestnut and Mushroom, 1 L
Traditional Fish Soup, 1 L
Cream of Asparagus Soup, 1 L
Cream of Tomato Soup, 1 L
Cream of Lentil Soup, 1 L
Cream of Potimarrons Soup, 1 L
Lobster Bisque Soup, 1 L
Cream of Coco Beans Soup, 1 L
Spicy Tom Yum Soup, 1 L
Thai Coconut Soup, 1 L
Main dishes - Meat
Stir-Fried Lamb
With leek and chili
Lamb Casserole with Thyme
Green Thai Beef Curry
With jasmine rice
Beef Fillet
Grilled Ribeye Steak
Chicken Breast
Roast Rack of Lamb
Duck Confit
Veal Chops
Veal Escalope
Marinated Pork Chops
Main dishes - Fish & Seafood
Sole Meuniere style
Roasted potatoes and young vegetables
Lobster American
Tomato, creame,tarragon , basmati rice
Bourguignone Roast Monkfish Steak
Sweet and Sour Prawns
With pineapple and sweet peppers
Egg Noodles and Oysters
With oyster sauce and fresh vegetables
Grilled Jumbo Tiger Shrimp
Salmon Filet
Filet of Sea Bass
Filet of John Dory
Filet of Sole
Pave of Turbot
Dorado Filet
Cod Filet
Brittany Lobster
Miso-Marinated Black Cod
With jasmine rice
Main Dishes - Poultry
Chicken Brest Basque Style
Bell peppers piperade,pasta garganelli, tomato sauce basil
Chicken Tikka Masala
With papadum chips and basmati rice
Duck breast with honey and spices
With leeks and chili
Shish Taouk
Main dishes - Vegetarian
Pasta & Risotto
Bauletti Stuffed with Lobster
Quatrelli Stuffed with Lamb and Thyme
Panciotti Stuffed with Asparagus and Mascarpone
Panciotti Stuffed with Eggplant and Ricotta
Duo de Rettangolli Stuffed with Salmon
Tortellini Stuffed with Pumpkin
Side dishes
Herb New Potato
Mashed Potato
Roasted Potato
Basmati Rice
Jasmine Rice
Wild Rice
Gratin Dauphinois
Truffle Mashed Potato
Hash Browns
Green Beans
Sauteed Spinach
Snow Peas
Glazed Carrots
Grilled Vegetables
Baked Country Vegetables
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms
French Ratatouille
Potatoes Churros
Children Meals
Sauces & More
Bolognaise Sauce, 500 ml
Four Cheese Sauce, 500 ml
Carbonara Sauce, 500 ml
Pescatora Sauce, 500 ml
Hot Meal Sets
Crew Meals
Desserts & Fruit
Lemon Meringue
Creme Brulee
Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate Feullantine
Sweet Verrines, 6 pieces
Fruit Salad with Berries
Sliced Fruits and Berries
Fruit Basket
Cakes & Tarts
Tarte Tatin
Opera Cake
Fruit Tartlet
Raspberry Tartlet
Traditional Carrot Cake
Chocolates & Sweets
Assortment Of Small Macarons, 12 pieces
Macarons Laduree, per piece
Assortment Of Small Macarons, 6 pieces
Assortment Of Small Macarons, 8 pieces
Petit Fours
Petit Fours
Assortment of Dry Biscuit
Sweet pastry
Ice Cream
Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream, 100 ml
Haagen Dazs Vanilla, 100 ml
Haagen Dazs Strawberries and Cream, 100 ml
Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate, 100 ml
Haagen Dazs Pralines and Cream, 100 ml
Dessert Sauces & garnishes
Childrens Desserts
Sliced Cheeses
Emmental , cheddar, comte ,gryere
Assortment of French cheese five choices, per person
Camenbert, fourme d'ambert ,comte ,st maure, cantal, fleur de pin, st nectair , beaufort, roblochon, crottin de chevre, emmental
Assortment Of Whole, Matured French Cheeses, 4 pieces
Assortment Of Whole, Matured French Cheeses, 6 pieces
Assortment Of Whole, Matured French Cheeses, 8 pieces
Camenbert, fourme d'ambert, comte ,st maure, cantal, fleur de pin ,st nectaire, beaufort, roblochon ,crottin de chevre, emmental
Mineral Water
Evian, 330 ml
Volvic, 330 ml
Vittel, 330 ml
Fiji Water, 330 ml
Evian, 500 ml
Volvic, 500 ml
Vittel, 500 ml
Fiji Water, 500 ml
Evian, 1 L
Volvic, 1 L
Vittel, 1 L
Evian, 1.5 L
Volvic, 1.5 L
Vittel, 1.5 L
Perrier, 330 ml
San Pellegrino, 330 ml
Badoit, 330 ml
Perrier, 500 ml
San Pellegrino, 500 ml
Badoit, 500 ml
Perrier, 1 L
San Pellegrino, 1 L
Badoit, 1 L
Soft Drinks
Coca Cola, 150 ml
Tonic Water, 150 ml
Orangina, 150 ml
Fanta, 150 ml
Canada Dry, 150 ml
Coca Cola, 330 ml
Tonic Water, 330 ml
Orangina, 330 ml
Fanta, 330 ml
Canada Dry, 330 ml
Coca Cola, 500 ml
Tonic Water, 500 ml
Orangina, 500 ml
Fanta, 500 ml
Canada Dry, 500 ml
Fresh Orange Juice, 1 L
Fresh Grapefruit Juice, 1 L
Fresh Pineappelle Juice, 1 L
Fresh Apple Juice, 1 L
Fresh Mango Juice, 1 L
Fresh Carrot Juice, 1 L
Milk & Cream
Coffee Cream, 500 ml
Low Fat Milk, 250 ml
Semi Skimmed Milk, 250 ml
Full Fat Milk, 250 ml
Low Fat Milk, 500 ml
Semi Skimmed Milk, 500 ml
Full Fat Milk, 500 ml
Low Fat Milk, 1 L
Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 L
Full Fat Milk, 1 L
Fresh fruit mix & detox drinks
White Wine
Hot Beverages
Individual Coffe Saschet
Fresh Ground Coffee, 500gr
Rosé Wine
Red Wine
Dessert Wine
Port Wine
Dish Washing & Laundry
Wet Ice, 1 kg
Dry Ice, 1 kg
Menu Card Printing
Newspapers & Magazines
Local Newspapers
on request
Local Magazines
on request
International Newspapers
on request
International Magazines
on request
Aircraft Cleaning
Shopping Service
Printed Menu
Pottery & cutlery
Kitchen Equipment
Freezer - Refrigerator Service
Caterer's Special