DeliSky is an easy to use and very helpful cost-control tool. The app also gives you the opportunity to use it all around the world and with the offline function also during your flights. As they are using often the same providers like we do, shows me that we are talking the same language and having the identical demand for high quality standards and services. Not to forget the friendly and fast communication with Sascha and Francesco which indicates how serious and professional they are working. I’m looking forward to our future business relationship, many orders, new catering companies and happy flight attendants!!

Michael Weber, Teamleader Catering Services

Unbelievably easy to place an order, with excellent backup throughout from Delisky. This takes the uncertainty out of ordering catering downroute, and makes the whole process stress-free.

Sheila Greenwood, Cabin Crew Manager

Delisky has a brilliant concept, what reduces the preflight workload for Flight Attendants. Extremely professional regarding the choices of Caterer- only the best Caterer find a place on Delisky´s plattform. Offering a fantastic service, short notice Catering- no problem at all. Delisky has always an eye on our orders and keep us informed about any changes in menues. Also placing orders via APP in Offline Modus is really helpful. The team of Delisky is always open for new suggestions and works hard to improve their service to satisfy clients and Flight Attendants.

Claudia Schuldt, Cabin Crew Manager

There is no easier way to get such a perfect high-standard in-flight Catering, as to place your Catering Order via DeliSky. The Catering always gets delivered on time and every item is just beautifully presented. Everything is from best quality and consistent and makes our onboard service very easy.

Simone Gehring, Chief Flight Attendant

Delisky is a perfect platform to order catering. It is easy to use and to know the price right away saves us long waiting times. Even our Flight Attendants can order via the platform and the Operations still has a complete overview. Perfect especially for ad-hoc flight. The Team of Delisky is taking care of the confirmation after placing the order. As well in the middle of the night. Great service! They are still expanding their network, which will make it more and more interesting for us. However we are still using them at almost every destination they have in their system already, without any complaint. Delisky is just a great tool to reduce workload and time.

Annika Pannenberg, Ground Operations

The idea and concept of Delisky is brilliant and well thought of and allows us Flight Attendants not only to have a great choice of Caterers to select from but also to keep costs down by knowing the prices and order wisely. They work very closely with excellent Caterers worldwide and only choose Caterers they can recommend themselves. The DeliSky guys prove excellent business skills and go always the extra mile to help out wherever they can. I find them very approachable, friendly and extremely professional and great sense of communication skills. I will continue doing my catering orders with them and I'm excited to see new Caterers on their website.

Eylem Holah, Flight Attendant

I would like to thank DeliSky for the commitment you continuously offer with Nomad Aviation. Your service and how you value your partners like Nomad provide us more interest with a long term relationship. I conclude that you provide the best and excellent service we need when it comes to the need of highest quality and presentation of foods for our valued customer. We salute you for the excellent service! Thank you very much!

Glenn Peter Abelon, Manager Cabin Crews

DeliSky is very professional and have an excellent Service. It’s very user friendly and we have always a price control. They work very close with Caterer with a high quality of first class Catering all over the world. There is no easier way to order Catering. Thank you very much.

Regina Heilmann, Chief Flight Attendant

DeliSky has definitely improved our catering ordering process and helps us save time. The platform is easy to use, provides exact cost of the order including delivery and has helped us improve our catering costs and spend! The quality of the food delivered by the caterers DeliSky works with is of high quality, and we get nothing but compliments from our clients, so thank you to DeliSky for improving the way we purchase catering.

Kristel Pereira, Chief Flight Attendant

At all available locations Delisky is our main provider for catering services. It is such an easy-to-use tool which allows you to have full cost control at a good service level with high catering quality.

Christian Haase, Manager Sales & Operations

A big Thank you to DeliSky from all of us here at Global Flight Solutions. DeliSky is very user friendly and provides a first class service. Our clients and flight crew always have positive feedback regarding the catering and presentation. Deliveries are always ontime and are on every occasion at a very high standard. We will continue to recommend DeliSky.

Lauren Coetzee, Business Manager

I just want to thank you for the very good service you present! You have an eye on my orders and keep me informed. DeliSky has a brilliant concept reducing the pre-flight workload for me. You are very professional and have an excellent service. Everything is very user friendly and I have always complete price control. There is no easier way to get a perfect in-flight catering as to place the catering order via DeliSky. I will continue doing my catering orders with DeliSky!

Dunja Neuburg, Ground Operations Manager

Delisky simplifies the ordering process into one single step. The Delisky app/website provides a clearly structured overview of all the catering orders, which comes in handy to control costs. The team takes care of communication with the caterer and provides a confirmation within 2 hours. Even last minute changes do not seem to be a problem for this highly qualified team. Thank you for your services!

Fiorella Danker, Manager Concierge & Customer Service | +41 44 586 31 10 | DeliSky GmbH, Industriestrasse 15, 6285 Hitzkirch