Benefit from our unique solution with the following advantages

Our extensive network of partner caterers coupled with our easy-to-use, efficient and transparent order process assure exclusive benefits to everyone ordering VIP in-flight catering.

Take a look at our benefits

Top Quality Caterers

Exceed your customer expectations by serving delicious meals from our carefully selected partner caterers, restaurants and private chefs.

Cost Control

Take advantage of full cost transparency at no extra cost, while keeping a real-time overview of all your catering expenses at a glance.

Easy ordering

Benefit from our efficient and easy-to-use web-, iOS- or Android-based App to save time and enhance reliability.

Best value for money

Profit from the best available prices on DeliSky with VAT exemption in Europe and no unnecessary surcharges.

Information availability

All relevant and up-to-date information about our partner caterers, their menus, prices and terms & conditions are available on DeliSky.

Personalised support

Our team of experienced private aviation experts is available around the clock when ever help is needed.

Top Quality Caterers

At DeliSky, we are convinced that serving fresh, tasty and nicely presented meal on board a private jet is essential for enhancing the overall inflight experience and customer satisfaction. Every flight should be an unforgettable culinary experience! To achieve this, we have carefully selected partner caterers, restaurant and private chefs who are proven quality providers in the industry. Further, we understand the importance of catering to individual preferences, dislikes, and allergies, and we take these factors seriously. We continuously monitor feedback and evaluate new providers to ensure that we offer the best culinary products available worldwide through DeliSky.

Cost Control

Not only in case of last minute orders, it is often challenging to obtain precise cost information for VIP in-flight catering. This can lead to the risk of exceeding available budgets and encountering unpleasant surprises. DeliSky offers the ideal solution for accessing instant pricing and comprehensive information on our partner caterer's menu prices, fees, and any additional charges. Our innovative App allows you to place catering orders, even on short notice, while providing full transparency and a clear view of all associated costs. With DeliSky, you can confidently manage your budget without any concerns about exceeding it.

Competitive Prices

DeliSky offers you access to our partner caterers' competitive prices, free from any hidden fees. Moreover, you can take advantage of VAT exemption for all international flights from or within Europe, leading to potential cost savings up to 28%.

Cost Transparency

Our commitment to complete cost transparency makes DeliSky a distinctive catering solution for the private aviation industry worldwide.

Plan and Budget

DeliSky offers you precise pricing information and full cost control over your catering orders, allowing you to efficiently and reliably manage your budgets.

Easy ordering

Over the past 14 years and in close collaboration with private aviation professionals, we have developed a unique and user-friendly app for ordering in-flight catering with the caterer of your choice. Our app features an intuitive interface and easy navigation, allowing you to select menu items and place an order with just a few clicks. You will receive instant pricing information upfront, so you know exactly what you're getting and how much it costs. Once your order is submitted, our partner caterer will handle it with the utmost care. Our DeliSky catering expert team will ensure that your catering is delivered according to your specifications, at the designated location and time. With DeliSky, you can save valuable time while providing your guests on board with the finest culinary experience.

Best value for money

It widely known that VIP in-flight catering can be costly, and the quality and availability of providers differ greatly depending on the location. Our goal is to find the finest caterers worldwide who provide exceptional quality at affordable prices, while prioritizing excellent customer service. We carefully select our partner caterers, ensuring they meet strict criteria. Additionally, we continuously monitor their service quality through feedback, allowing us to maintain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction. Benefit from our partner caterers’ competitive prices, which are further enhanced by VAT exemption in Europe. Just navigate through their individual menus and find all required food and beverage items with the exact and up to date price. We also ensure that there are no unnecessary surcharges, giving you complete transparency and control over your expenses. With our commitment to quality, creativity, and attention to detail, you can rest assured that you are getting the best culinary experience for your money with DeliSky!

Information availability

Finding accurate and up-to-date information about catering providers can be challenging, especially in unfamiliar locations. At DeliSky, we understand the importance of transparency and convenience. That's why we provide comprehensive details about our handpicked partner caterers worldwide, including their operating hours, ratings based on customer feedback, menus, and prices. This ensures that you can easily compare options and make informed decisions without any unexpected surprises. We are committed to regularly updating all caterer information on DeliSky to maintain the highest quality standards for the data we present.

Personalised support

Ordering catering through DeliSky is a simple and straight forward process that connects you directly with your chosen catering provider upon order submission. However, we understand that obtaining quick confirmations and quotes can be challenging, especially when ordering catering on short notice. To alleviate this stress, we have assembled a team of experienced business aviation professionals who closely monitor all orders placed through DeliSky. Our dedicated team is available from 07:00 until 23:00 CET, 365 days a year to provide support whenever needed, ensuring that your order receives the utmost attention to detail and care.

What our Clients say

What a great solution for our catering requests. The platform is super easy to use and brings all information about caterer in one application. As a small company with not much of a back office, we love the support in case of last minute requests. Big thank you to Julie who is always a great help!

Nico Just

, Captain Citation X / Aircraft Charter Sales Manager at Bairline

I have been using DeliSky for the last 4 years and have found it to be a really helpful platform for ordering catering, particularly from unfamiliar airports. Sasha and his team have continued to improve the site to make it extremely easy to use with all the necessary info given for each order. Their support and service is second to none, always extremely prompt at responding and answering any questions. I can recommend 100%!

Annabel Brown

, Cabin Services Director, Voluxis

Dear Deli Sky Team, thank you for the wonderful and important job your doing of always ensuring everything goes smooth for both us and also the caterers. You are truly helping the private world with your services. I was thinking to myself a lot in the past couple of months since I picked up my beloved flying again that a company like yours is a gem in the industry. It made me realize how much easier it is to get that much needed Catering confirmation (for a good nights sleep) simply because of your existence. You always seem to have an eye on it… I am very grateful for that especially (but not only) during times with intense and busy flying schedules when you look out for us and assist us in any way possible.

Marion Wilms

, In-Flight Services Manager, Hahn Air Lines

Part of our job at TJS is to take on the orders in the international area. That was a huge challenge at the beginning, which, to be honest, we couldn't have managed without the perfect cooperation with DeliSky. I am truly grateful that you exist. Any challenge, even if it’s very last minute, is never a problem for the employees of Delisky. You really find a solution for every request of our customers. Always friendly, competent, always available - what can I say - especially in these times, there is no comparable service in this segment for me. You can rely on Delisky and you just feel comfortable in your company. As far as our cooperation is concerned, I would like to give a special mention to your colleague Julie. We stand with you very much in contact with her and it is always remarkable

Anja Troger

, Tyrolean Jet Services / CEO Cloud Number 9

On behalf of our entire Team we want to thank our Delisky colleagues for making our daily operations more manageable. The ordering process was simple and straight forward, and we appreciated the personalized service and the prompt feedback on problems. The platform provided us with a wide variety of catering options to choose from, making it easy to find something that would satisfy everyone's preferences. Overall, we highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a hassle-free, high-quality catering service experience.

Andreas Weinreich

, Pilot & Operations Manager, Silver Cloud Air

I met Delisky about 5 or 6 years ago and we started working together since then. Delisky team, monitors the orders and makes the necessary pressure next to catering suppliers to timely reply, helps us getting alternative quotes for last minute flights and on top of that we don’t feel we are paying more than when requesting through handling agents. It is really easy to put the requests to caterers, and the choice of different caterers is really wide in most popular locations. I truly believe we have a win-win here and hope to continue working with Delisky for many years.

Miguel Bernardo

, Ground Operations Manager, Valair Private Jets

Above all, we greatly appreciate that through our Flight Management Software FL3XX, we can automatically order catering for every flight through DeliSky. Where possible, we receive a selection of potential providers with transparent cost structures and a diverse range of options. During the busy peak season, even if we don't always receive an immediate response, we can rely on the DeliSky team to potentially push the requested provider to confirm the catering or provide a quote. And if an inquiry is declined due to capacity reasons, DeliSky also provides service-oriented alternative solutions/providers. This greatly facilitates our complex work related to special and important clients, where onboard meals play an important role!

Dorothee Waggad

, Sales Manager, Windrose Air

We really like to order our catering on DeliSky. They take care that the caterer answers on time and make sure everything works out. One time we needed to find a last minute catering for the next morning, even though it was already late in the evening, they helped us to find a caterer, who was able to deliver catering for the next day. Great customer service and always friendly :)

Maik Steinmetz

, Sales Manager & Pilot, Hype Private Jets

DeliSky makes our daily work a lot easier. This is how we find the right catering company for us on a single website for almost every airport and at a glance! A few more clicks and the order is complete. Perfect! Communication and the entire process are quick and uncomplicated.

René Ullrich

, Charter Sales Manager, Digajet

Working as a corporate flight attendant can sometimes be quite challenging. Especially when you are looking for the best catering for your clients on short notice or in a quick and easy way. Placing an order through Delisky makes life so much easier at a stressful day. The Delisky team is taking care of my orders in the most professional way and sometimes even beyond all measure. They are aware of the special requirements of our catering for our clients and they have a full understanding of our needs and expectations. I can always rely on them even if I’m not reachable while flying or stucked sleeping in another time zone. So thanks Delisky to help me performing in the most professional manner!

Katharina Protz

, Chief Flight Attendant, ACM Air Charter

Delisky is a life saver 🙂 easy to order, easy to respect the budget. the follow up of the whole team is of a precious help when you are flying. the team is always available and kind. I really recommend this app!

Sonia Lim

, Client Service Manager, Luxaviation E.A SA

DeliSky allows us a very efficient cost control over the catering orders. Through the ratings and the price index and delivery costs you can quickly and efficiently find the right catering company. There are no hidden costs and the rating system is honest and truthful based on the experiences of flight attendants. In my opinion, it is also very helpful for pilots flying without a flight attendant to find suitable catering solutions. The catering companies in the DeliSky system are always up to date and well selected. The DeliSky team provides very good support and helps to get quotes etc. from the catering companies quickly“

Sarah Schmidt

, Chief Flight Attendant, Premium Jet

DeliSky is a great support system behind our busy operation. They are always available when needed, very helpful in different situations- even helping us placing last minute orders and do the main part of the job instead of us. Their communication is amazing, the colleagues are the friendliest I have ever worked with and there is no difficult case they couldn’t solve. I highly recommend them to every corporate flight attendant, since it costs nothing to use DeliSky but it takes off a huge pressure off of our shoulders.

Orsi Petho

, Head of Cabin & Product, MHS Avation

I have been ordering catering for our VIP flights worldwide via this platform for many years. Delisky has grown into a partner who, for me, stands unchallenged for quality, customer friendliness and reliability. I really appreciate the always competent and constructive cooperation!”

Sandra Haepke

, Chief Flight Attendant, Alpine Sky Jets

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service provided by DeliSky Catering. Every time we have placed a catering order with them, they have exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, presentation, and punctuality. Their team is always friendly and accommodating, ensuring that our specific needs and preferences are met. The food is always fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented, leaving a lasting impression on our guests. We highly recommend DeliSky Catering for any catering needs, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Clemens Fricke

, Deputy Sales Director EMEA, Jet Aviation

I have had the pleasure of working with DeliSky for the past two years, and I can confidently say that their catering services have been nothing short of exceptional. One of the standout aspects of DeliSky's service is their ability to provide catering solutions even in challenging and remote locations. They have helped us cater flights in some notoriously difficult areas, and their resourcefulness has been invaluable. The ease of ordering catering through DeliSky is truly remarkable. The catering management system they offer streamlines the entire experience, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. They are always responsive to our inquiries and provide valuable assistance whenever needed. Based on my experience, I warmly recommend DeliSky to anyone in need of catering services. Their cooperation, problem-solving abilities, user-friendly platform, catering management, consolidated invoicing, prompt customer service, and diverse menu of catering options make them a top-notch choice for any catering needs.

Patrik Kolacek

, OCC Manager, JetBee

Delisky is the perfect and easiest platform for ordering catering. Flight attendants or the operation/sales can access the platform and all necessary departments are equally informed. Delisky's helpful and friendly staff is available day and night from anywhere in the world and even last minute changes and extra requests don't seem to be a problem for the qualified team. I really appreciate the quick and courteous feedback. I can order anytime and anywhere and get all the information about prices, extra costs, opening hours etc. with just a few clicks. This allows me to arrange the catering for my guests quickly and efficiently and not lose sight of the costs. Delisky also makes every effort to ensure that everything runs properly after the order has been placed. Also the contact with the caterers directly has been excellent so far, which also speaks of a good choice of suppliers on Delisky's part. Thank you for making my job easier and helping me to save time and money.

Ania Eckl

, Flight Attendant, Alpine Sky Jets

Our most reliable partner when it comes to catering orders for our private jets. Frequently extending their network of catering companies, to get better access to catering providers at several destinations. Very helpful and friendly service, always supportive even in situations of short notice orders.

Alexander Pilz

, Head of Flight Coordination & Charter Sales, Swiss Global Jet

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