DeliSky in a nutshell

Order your catering supplies for your next flight with our solution and profit from the following features and services:

  • Request a free login to access our browser based Web-App, iOS or Android mobile App

  • Choose from over 1'000 locations and view the available caterers per airport

  • View the caterers' rating, their distance from the airport, opening hours and more useful information

  • Pick meals from the selected caterer's menu and get an instant quote for your catering

  • Submit your order and get a confirmation within 2 hours

  • Keep a real time overview of your active and past orders

  • Benefit from the experienced DeliSky Client Services team taking greatest care of your orders

  • Pay the caterers directly and take advantage of the best prices in the market and VAT exemption for your flights departing from European countries

Easy to use

Experience the unparalleled convenience of ordering VIP in-flight catering with the revolutionary DeliSky App. Request a quote and place your orders effortlessly within minutes, while maintaining a comprehensive overview of all your orders at a glance.

How it works in one Video

Step by Step

Introducing the step-by-step guide to using DeliSky's unique web app for ordering VIP inflight catering worldwide. With our easy-to-use app, ordering bespoke meals for private jet travel has never been easier. Follow these simple steps below to elevate your VIP flights with exquisite food and unparalleled service from DeliSky.


Request a login and get started

Ordering in-flight catering has never been so quick and easy! Get ready to discover a new era of ordering in-flight catering

  • Register and get a free personal or company login

  • Download our iOS or Android App for your mobile devices or log in through our website

  • Set your own password

  • Log in and get started


Search for the airport and choose a catering provider

Find all relevant information and select the caterer of your choice

  • Enter the airport name, ICAO or IATA code where you wish to place an order or browse by country

  • Check the relevant caterers' information such as:

    • distance from the airport

    • ratings based on customer feedback

    • opening hours

    • cost index

    • delivery fee

  • Find promotions and temporary information changes to the caterer's availability


View the caterer's information page

Click on the caterer of your choice and view more detailed information, such as:

  • Delivery location (aircraft or FBO)

  • Availability of ready to serve trays

  • Applicable fees and possible additional surcharges (e.g. night surcharge, last minute surcharge, etc.)

  • Download the Caterer's terms and conditions

  • Download the caterer's menu (with or without prices)

  • Mark the selected caterer as your favorite for the selected airport

  • Choose whether you wish to select from the caterer's menu or to place a free text order


Select your meals from the caterer's bespoke menu with prices

All our partner caterer's individual menus with up to date prices are available on DeliSky

  • Navigate through the various menu categories to easily find the meals you require

  • Use the Search function to find even quicker what you are looking for

  • Add "custom items" for meals that are not on the caterer's menu

  • Click no "Preview Order" to see a summary of your order with the anticipated total cost


Enter your flight details and instructions to the caterer

Add all the information that is important to ensure a smooth delivery

  • Delivery date, time and location

  • Handler or FBO

  • Aircraft registration, number of passengers and flight time

  • Preferred payment method

  • Packaging instructions and available heating equipment

  • Dietary requirements

  • Contact details


Review and submit the order

Before submitting the order

  • Review your order to ensure nothing is missing

  • Indicate whether a detailed quote is required before confirming an order

  • View and accept the caterer's terms and conditions

  • Click on "Submit" and your order is on its way to your preferred caterer


Monitor your orders in real time

Keep an online and real time overview of all your orders

  • Check the caterer's quotes and order status

  • View, update or cancel your active orders

  • View your past orders and download the caterer's invoices

Still have Questions?

  • What are the advantages in using DeliSky?

    DeliSky is dedicated to enhancing the catering ordering process, enabling private and corporate jet operators to save both time and money. We partner with renowned caterers who are known for delivering exceptional quality in terms of food and services. Our team specializes in private and corporate aviation, ensuring that we meet the unique needs and demands of all DeliSky users. Our platform is user-friendly, providing complete transparency regarding the costs of orders, including delivery fees. We take pride in offering excellent service quality. Best of all, our services are completely free of charge.

  • Does it cost extra to order through DeliSky?

    No, our services are completely free of charge. In fact, ordering through DeliSky can help you save money. We have special agreements with many of our catering partners, which means you can benefit from exclusive conditions such as discounts or reduced delivery fees specifically for DeliSky clients. Additionally, we actively assist you in avoiding any unnecessary surcharges, fees, and taxes wherever possible. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best value for your money when using our platform.

  • At which airports can I order catering via DeliSky?

    Please just check the page There you will find all the airports served by the DeliSky partner caterers.

  • Can I talk to the catering company directly after placing an order?

    Once you have placed an order through DeliSky, our partner caterer will send you a confirmation email. In case of any questions or concerns, they will reach out to you directly. If you would like to discuss your orders further, you are welcome to email or call them. This way, you can communicate with the catering manager or head chef to ensure that your specific requirements are met.

  • How will I pay for my catering?

    When ordering from any caterer on DeliSky, you will have access to various payment options. You can select your preferred method of payment during the order placement process. The most convenient and cost-effective option is to pay by credit card. You can choose to pay either in person upon delivery or remotely through an online link. Alternatively, you have the option to pay through your handling company, although this may incur additional charges imposed by the handling company. For locations where you frequently order catering, we can arrange for you to have an account with our catering partner for seamless transactions.

  • Can I order catering from you at any location that is not listed on DeliSky?

    Our website and DeliSky App only allow you to order catering from our partner caterers at available locations. However, thanks to our extensive network of contacts and recommendations from our clients, we can offer guidance and assistance in finding the best caterer at various locations. Simply email us at, and our dedicated team will be ready to help you find the most suitable provider for your needs.

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